Blackberry Z30 11th hour miracle?

I had the opportunity of hands-on time with the Blackberry Z30 few weeks ago and wow is the word to explain the experience.  The device was announced September, 2013 and released the next month October. I personally paid little attention to it because of the negative press about Blackberry and disappointing numbers from the Canadian company.blackberry_z301

Well spec wise it’s a 5in Super AMOLED display,12GB internal memory with expandable memory space,16 different bands and full LTE phone. With other juicy specs and better battery life than the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4.

After handling the phone, if I had time with the former blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins I will ask him these few questions :

1) Why was the Z30 not the flag ship phone instead of the Z10? Because the whole world wants a larger display to the point in 2014 Apple will release a 5 inches phone.

2) Why are Blackberry phones not pushed more in brick nations and Africa because there was the niche for legacy blackberry phones in the past 18months?

3) If OS 10 could be improved to 10.2 with google play store support and push notifications why wasn’t 10.2 the 1st taste of OS 10 we saw?

4) Lastly and naively why create a new OS with the option to port Android apps when you could just join the android train and enjoy close to a million apps?

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This Is Why Your BlackBerry ‘Hangs’!!**

Firstly i’d like to tell you (that’s if you don’t know already) that it’s called ‘lagging’ and not hanging. That said, we at FathomBerry are always making sure our readers and followers always get the best from whatever BlackBerry devices they have. So we are going to tell you why your BlackBerry lags and how you can manage or even stop it. We all hate the spinning hour-glass and the ‘clock’ now don’t we??!!

Back then, when the Bold 9900 (Bold5) was released it was generally recognised as one of the best phones BlackBerry ever made. It (9900) received a very huge welcome not until users started complaining about lagging on the device, this went on till some people were even discouraged from buying the device, but if you still have yours we are going to show you how you can stop or manage this lagging of a thing on any BlackBerry device you own. Just follow these simple rules and tips and if you don’t notice a difference come back here and make sure you did the right thing as we said it.
Like other devices, BlackBerry smartphones are susceptible to memory issues. If not addressed, an overloaded memory system can cause the device to slow down or even delete data.

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Why Your BlackBerry Will Crash**

Hey Everyone. Happy New Week.
Has anybody ever wondered why BlackBerry(s) crash, or develop errors. To some of us its become a phenomenon, while to others it could be devastating and even annoying.

So we’ve compiled a little list of things that might cause your BlackBerry Smartphone to crash or develop errors. We haven’t necessarily provided solutions, but you could just see them as precautions.

The first thing we’d like to mention is…

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How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS**

Well,we are going to show everyone how to upgrade their device Operating System (OS).
Firstly, we’d like to tell everyone this because its VERY important, To obtain the latest and harmless Operating System for your BlackBerry device, you should either use step 1 or 2 from this post, because If you decide to download and install an unofficial version of the BlackBerry OS, you should know that you’re doing so at your own risk. Beta operating systems are not officially released for good reasons: They’re often full of bugs and could potentially void your warranty or worse, render your BlackBerry unusable. (That’s why Blackberry’s crash or develop most of the common problems we all know today).
Here are the 3 major ways to upgrade your Blackberry OS:

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