Blackberry Z30 11th hour miracle?

I had the opportunity of hands-on time with the Blackberry Z30 few weeks ago and wow is the word to explain the experience.  The device was announced September, 2013 and released the next month October. I personally paid little attention to it because of the negative press about Blackberry and disappointing numbers from the Canadian company.blackberry_z301

Well spec wise it’s a 5in Super AMOLED display,12GB internal memory with expandable memory space,16 different bands and full LTE phone. With other juicy specs and better battery life than the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4.

After handling the phone, if I had time with the former blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins I will ask him these few questions :

1) Why was the Z30 not the flag ship phone instead of the Z10? Because the whole world wants a larger display to the point in 2014 Apple will release a 5 inches phone.

2) Why are Blackberry phones not pushed more in brick nations and Africa because there was the niche for legacy blackberry phones in the past 18months?

3) If OS 10 could be improved to 10.2 with google play store support and push notifications why wasn’t 10.2 the 1st taste of OS 10 we saw?

4) Lastly and naively why create a new OS with the option to port Android apps when you could just join the android train and enjoy close to a million apps?

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