BBM 7 (awoof no go sour our belle)**

Hey Fam, we noticed a lot of people have been having very serious problems with the new BBM 7,so we just decided to do this post for you. There are some things you MUST know before getting the new BBM 7,and if you got it already please scroll down to the fourth paragraph.
So here’s what should know before getting the new BBM 7:
1) You must have a blackberry ID because the new BBM is associated with your ID. So your normal local back up and restore might just be useless after you get the new BBM 7.
2)The BBM 7 is only available right now for Blackberry devices running OS 6 and 7.
3) The new BBM 7 has 16 new emoticons.
4) Before you can call a contact,that contact must have BBM 7 installed and must also be connected to a wi-fi network.
5) The BBM free voice call over wi-fi won’t work without a BIS plan.

If after you download the BBM 7 you don’t see all your contacts or you can’t find your BBM icon then please just revert to the old BBM 6 and chill. RIM might need to do a couple of fixes. But the if you have any issue please don’t hesitate to ASK FATHOMBERRY.

If you have BBM 7 already you could also tell us your experience. Its quiet funny here in naija where wi-fi is somewhat rare like that. But we did a post on how you and you pals could enjoy this with the hotspot feature on some Blackberry devices.

That’s all for now.


BBM 7 Upgrade

BBM 7 gets an Upgrade****

A little over a week ago, RIM released in Beta Zone the latest version of BBM that introduced us all to BlackBerry Voice. Since then they have been hard at work and today posted an updated version in BlackBerry Beta Zone. BlackBerry Messenger version is now available and includes not only updates but many other improvements and bug fixes which you can find below.

New Features Include:

*Additional emoticons πŸ™‚Β 
*Profile Configuration Option to Modify *Incoming BBM Voice Ring Tone
*Personal Status Message “In a Voice Chat”

Change Log / Fixed Issues for BlackBerry Messenger

*BBM chats were not restored during device upgrade. User has to sign into BBID and then re-restore the chats from the backup file.
*Incoming call doesnt ring if user is in camera app
*Speaker enabled when incoming call rejected and already on BBM Voice call
*Messages from BBM Voice are cut off frequently
*Device switch failed, client stuck at “Restoring BBM” stateΒ 
*After hanging up after a voice chat longer than 5 minutes, the device that did not hang up remains on the calling screen
*With a song playing, when a user receives a BBM Voice call the music continues to play in the background of the ringtone
*User cannot accept calls properly while content protection enabled and password locked
*While recording a voice note, if an BBM Voice chat is initiated no audio is heard between devices
*Avatar display picture not being updated correctly for BBM Voice calls
*Broadcast messages are received in black text
*Active BBM Voice calls are randomly disconnecting
*Contacts see each other as unavailable although both are registered and can see other contacts as available
*Chat Tear
*BBM Groups – Text entry field in group chat expands to cover up the last message in chat history instead of the chat history scrolling up
*Contact list search feature randomly stops returning results
*No missed call message appears when the caller ends the call before the receiver picks up
*Wrong message appears when declining a voice chat using ‘Reply in BBM’
*After accepting a call after 30 seconds of ringing the device being called gets stuck on connecting screen
*Voice chats exceeding 13 minutes maybe disconnected

Here is a Known Issues list for version

*No disconnection dialog when device is disconnected during calling or connecting state
*While on BBM voice call, MVS WiFi call comes in that shuts off audio in both calls
*User reboots device while in BBM Voice Chat: call dropped but 2nd user remains on call connected screen. User must hit hard key to close the screen.

Be sure to grab your update at the link below. If you are not a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone you can sign up for free at If there are any other issues or updates let us know in the comments below.


Bbm upgrade

BlackBerry Messenger 7 (Beta)

I don’t know who else is as excited about the new BBM 7 as I am, funny tho some people are actually scared to sign up for the Beta Zone saying ‘the app might just crash their phone’, smh,what are back ups for? Plus, did you even know that the new BBM 7 is integrated with your BlackBerry ID? πŸ˜€ imagine putting your ID on your friends phone and getting all your contacts on there, lol , ok just kidding tho, don’t try that.

So the new BBM 7 has been working quite well for me, I called a friend in Czech and we spent almost 47 minutes talking, not thinking about the cost of the call. All thanks to RIM, now this our so called service providers can now…. *sealed lips* .

I read some blog where some guys were talking about how much data the call over wifi consumes, so I decided to try a whole lot of things just to bring the best to the FathomBerry fam. πŸ˜‰

So who has heard of the hourly bundle plan? This is a time based bundle plan, that some of our providers offer those who just need to do something quickly online or for those who have specific times they want to use the internet. So this is what I found, you can actually create a hotspot with some blackberry devices, then connect as many as 5 other BlackBerry devices to it and enjoy the BBM 7. All you need to do is, subscribe for the hourly bundle plan, create a hotspot and there u go, wifi for 5 people to make free calls πŸ˜‰ . Yeah! I know I make it sound pretty easy but so it is, and that’s exacly why we have the ‘ASK FATHOMBERRY’ section so u can ask anything.

*well this is for those that don’t always have access to wifi* and just before I go, fyi, fathomberry is now on bbm and has BBM 7 already installed, so u can feel free to holla! πŸ˜‰
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