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It has come to our notice that some BlackBerry haters and even loyals don’t understand the concept of Android Apps on a BlackBerry, some have even given it a name ‘BlackBerry-Android’ Pffft!

A little history first.
The idea of the Blackberry 10 OS arose from the swift and easy gestures on the Blackberry Playbook (Blackberry Tablet). After it looked liked Blackberry was losing street cred they decided to introduce the new OS to their Smartphones and that was the birth of Blackberry 10.
The First device to be released with the BlackBerry 10 OS was the BlackBerry Z10, followed by the Q10 then the rest – Q5,Z30,Z3, etc.
BlackBerry users started to complain of lack of Apps so in version 10.2.1 of the BlackBerry 10 OS updates BlackBerry introduced the Android Runtime into the OS to allow BlackBerry devices run apps from Android (4.2.2) Jelly Bean upward.
In 2014, the 10.2 update provided access to downloading Android Apps, allowing an unprecedented number of previously unavailable applications to be used on BlackBerry 10.
Official integration with the Amazon Appstore was added in 10.3 update. Now the 10.3 comes shipped with an Amazon Appstore so you don’t need to download APK (Android application Package) files anymore before you install when you can get it directly from the Amazon Appstore.
Now in addition to the 260,000+ apps in the BlackBerry WorldWorld, BlackBerry users have an additional 200,000 supported Android Apps from the Amazon Appstore. So please stop calling it Android-Blackberry or BlackBerry-Android as that doesn’t make any sense at all.

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Blackberry Z30 11th hour miracle?

I had the opportunity of hands-on time with the Blackberry Z30 few weeks ago and wow is the word to explain the experience.  The device was announced September, 2013 and released the next month October. I personally paid little attention to it because of the negative press about Blackberry and disappointing numbers from the Canadian company.blackberry_z301

Well spec wise it’s a 5in Super AMOLED display,12GB internal memory with expandable memory space,16 different bands and full LTE phone. With other juicy specs and better battery life than the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4.

After handling the phone, if I had time with the former blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins I will ask him these few questions :

1) Why was the Z30 not the flag ship phone instead of the Z10? Because the whole world wants a larger display to the point in 2014 Apple will release a 5 inches phone.

2) Why are Blackberry phones not pushed more in brick nations and Africa because there was the niche for legacy blackberry phones in the past 18months?

3) If OS 10 could be improved to 10.2 with google play store support and push notifications why wasn’t 10.2 the 1st taste of OS 10 we saw?

4) Lastly and naively why create a new OS with the option to port Android apps when you could just join the android train and enjoy close to a million apps?

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The Next Big Thing For BlackBerry 10**

Yeah, you read that right!! It’s been in almost every Blackberry blog, forums and almost every tech website, so we’ve tagged it The Next Big Thing for Blackberry 10, it’s the Blackberry OS 10.2.1. Its still in a Beta testing (not official yet) but has been installed by many Blackberry 10 users already, and we at FathomBerry have compiled a couple of of features that come with this leak.

Now there are lots of new stuff that came with this OS update tho its just a little addition in the number (from 10.2.0… to 10.2.1..), some people have even said that the official release might just be 10.3 but as of now the leaked version is at for all Blackberry 10 devices.

We’ve done our best to compile, break down and explain these features. We’ve also added lots of images, so go through them and just incase we missed something, your comments are always welcome.

BlackBerry 10.2.1 will support the Android 4.2.2. Jellybean runtime and with that comes increased Android compatibility improvements which include:

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FathomBerry (Nigerian BlackBerry Blog)*

Hello everyone, Its Fathomberry here. Its been a while we posted some major news here, especially our weekly Fathom-Wednesday and we sincerely apologise for this, we’d hate to give excuses but for circumstances beyond our control we’ve not posted in a while, but hey, we’re back (almost) and today we will bring you up to speed on everything BlackBerry. So lets just say this is everything from Fathom-Wednesday Week 36 – 38. 😉

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Would You Still Use Your BlackBerry??

Be calm!! BBM will soon be available on iOS and Android devices, but just before then here’s a table comparing some of the big Cross-Platform IM Apps alongside our beloved BBM. Have a look.

Supported Platforms BB 10, BB OS (android and iOS soon) Series 40,Symbian and Samsung’s Bada platform Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, BB 10, iOS, Symbian and WP. iOS, Android, BBOS, BB 10, Series 40, Symbian (S60), and WP BBOS, Series 40.
Login? Not required Not required Required Not required Required
Push notification Yes Yes No Yes No
Group chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
price Free Free Free Not free Free
Voice call support Yes Yes Yes No No
Video call support Yes (BB10) Yes Yes No No
Video conferencing No No Yes No No
Recent updates Yes No No No Yes
Broadcasts Yes No No Yes
Plus** Real-time message receipts and in-app sharing. You can switch calls between your PC and your mobile device. Supported on many platforms and can also be used to call Landlines across the world. Supported on many platforms.
Sadly… Previous versions of the BBM didn’t support video call Can’t call a non-viber user Audio quality is sometimes horrible. You have to give out your phone number to everyone you choose to chat with. It’s still not in the competition.
Active users 60M 200M 280M 300M 10M
Launch Year 2008 2010 2003 2009 2009


There are other well-known Apps too like Keek, Tango, WeChat, LINE, Fringe and a host of others which we didn’t mention, but then they are also cool cross-platform apps that are widely used.

So Fathomberry is asking, if BBM goes cross-platform are you going to throw away your BlackBerry Smartphone or are you going to still use it and why. Vote and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Sunday.


BBM for iOS and Android is Here (Almost)***

Hey people.
So we just got air that BBM for iOS and Android is due to be released pretty soon. Since its in ‘Beta Testing‘ its safe to assume that in no time our iOS and Android cousins will be ‘pinging’ with us.


“It seems that BlackBerry are moving forward with the cross-platform version of BBM as we have learned that there are a small number of users that are getting the chance to test out the Android, and iOS versions of BBM.

The program is not available for everyone, but if you have received an email like the one shown below, you’ll find it available under Eligible Programs. Much like it will be when it goes official, the beta version of BBM for Android requires v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich); while the beta BBM for iPhone requires iOS 6 as a minimum requirement.

We do know that internal testing within BlackBerry is ongoing, so it’s great to see them open it up to, at least, some members of the public.

Have you been invited to the BBM beta programme? What do you think of Android and iOS users getting their hands on BBM? Let us know!”

Source: BlackberryOS

*We’ve been off duty for a while now but we promise you guys we’ll back and better.* 😦

In our next ‘Fathom-Wednesday’ post we’ll bring you all and everything you’ve missed in the Blackberry niche.




BBM on iOS and Android?? Whats your take?!**

Its no news now that BBM is going cross-platform soon and we @ Fathomberry are pretty excited for a couple of reasons which we’d like to share. Though we got comments and replies about how bad-for-business it could be for BlackBerry. Well, let’s see, we think its a good idea for the following reasons

1) We all know whatsapp and how ‘good’ it is (next post talks more), BBM being so secure and all will definitely be the number 1 in mobile IM.

2) A whole lot of people think that blackberry will lose its customers since they can still retain their BBM contacts on an iOS or Android device, but I don’t think so, I’m a nigerian, and unless I don’t just know what to do with money I won’t dump my Z10 I just bought last week to grab an iphone 5 just coz I want BBM in an iOS device with many apps *rme* NO! We think those that wanted to ‘port’ have ported since.

3) To them that just hate Blackberry et BBM, now we’ll see them rush to check out how our thing runs on their devices and I know for sure that BlackBerry won’t make all BBM features available to all y’all. (Go and buy a BB) :p

4) And did you know, if BBM goes cross-platform it turns it into a full-out social media platform like twitter and facebook and this, my people, should and would increase the value of BBM and add to BlackBerry’s market value. (Statistics dey o)
Well just before we leave, here’s what your BBM can actually do :
You can –
*Make video calls over Wi-Fi or the mobile network on the latest smartphones (BlackBerry Q10 and Z10).
*Send and receive messages with unlimited length.
*Choose a personal BBM display picture and status.
*Real-time confirmations when messages are delivered and read.
*Share photos, videos and more with multiple contacts at once.
*Add contacts by scanning QR Codes, using NFC technology or sharing PINs.
*Send music files.
*Create and join groups where you can share and discuss lists, photos etc.
*Share location.
*Free Call BBM contacts over Wi-Fi.
*With BBM connected apps you can chat with BBM friends within your apps and select BBM contacts right from the app to invite them to download it.
Can anyone beat that????

Our next post is going to be on BBM and other cross-platform IM apps.
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Android BBM and iOS

Android BBM and iOS