How to save a Blackberry that almost drowned :/

Have you put your phone in danger by exposing it to water/liquid. Could be pee, could be a bottle of beer, could be both or you just finished having a warm bath and realised that while you danced shoki you were splashing water on your precious BlackBerry, well, too bad.But just before you start panicking here’s what you can do with no extra hand.



Step 1

Remove battery (and other removables) immediately and put it away for a few days.

Step 2

Using a soft towel/cloth put the phone gently face down onto it. The keyboard is the major source for water entry into the phone and is almost always the victim,so tap it gently and allow gravity to work.

Step 3

Go to a pharmacy/drug store and buy 100% rubbing alcohol(likely 91% might be the best you can find). Fill a bowl with enough alcohol(do not use liquor or monkey tail. Do not use anything with coloring. Take the phone, place gently in the bowl, and shake it lightly then remove from the bowl and repeat step 2. Don’t worry, alcohol evaporates so it won’t worsen your condition.

Step 4

This is where you wait.You wait till your name na waiter. Wait until you think it is dry, then wait some more. The alcohol that you rinsed your phone with displaced the water, now it must evaporate.There are some risks to long term alcohol exposure for your phone – it can break seals so we recommend waiting at least 4 days. We know you can’t live without your phone for that long….but you need to chill out because this saves your time of trying to get a technician and saves you some cash too.

Step 5

Drying location. The best location is NEXT to an air conditioning vent. Not on top, not directly in line. We don’t want any forced air action, but the passive effects are great. The Sun is not a bad idea too, but you know you can’t control the heat coming from the sun (which can even damage the device further), so be sure to monitor the temperature of your device – too hot is not too good.

Step 6

Put battery in. Watch closely to see if anything is different from before. Flashing, smoking, flames, and booms are all bad things. Normal is good. If it turns on completely, check EVERY button so you don’t have a surprise. Test out your salvaged phone. If it works, rejoice!

Others also advice you use a Hair-Dryer or simply open the device and put it in a bowl of uncooked rice as this will absorb all moisture.

Alcohol is particularly helpful when the liquid was NOT water. It removes the sticky residue from your phone. That sticky residue really kills your keyboard.Good Luck!


BlackBerry in H20

BlackBerry in H20

Other Important TIPS:

  • Backup your data/3rd party apps, and do it OFTEN.
  • Keep your phone in a case or use a pouch.
  • Avoid using wet hands to operate your device.
  • In case of emergency please send a message to
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Our Stand
As at june 2013 Redmond Pie posted some infographic data comparing major and recent smartphone batteries and there the Z10 was chosen to represent the BlackBerry family. Here are the results under different categories:

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Hey Everyone. Happy New Week.
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So we’ve compiled a little list of things that might cause your BlackBerry Smartphone to crash or develop errors. We haven’t necessarily provided solutions, but you could just see them as precautions.

The first thing we’d like to mention is…

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How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS**

Well,we are going to show everyone how to upgrade their device Operating System (OS).
Firstly, we’d like to tell everyone this because its VERY important, To obtain the latest and harmless Operating System for your BlackBerry device, you should either use step 1 or 2 from this post, because If you decide to download and install an unofficial version of the BlackBerry OS, you should know that you’re doing so at your own risk. Beta operating systems are not officially released for good reasons: They’re often full of bugs and could potentially void your warranty or worse, render your BlackBerry unusable. (That’s why Blackberry’s crash or develop most of the common problems we all know today).
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BBM (Naija) Ethics***

Hey guys, TGIF!!! There have been posts here on Fathomberry about Blackberry and BBM usage, not ethics per se, there was the church one and the blackberry craze which will have another episode soon. So today we decided to do something specifically for BBM and its usage.

The fact that you own a BB doesn’t give you the power to disturb other people’s peace, also we shouldn’t see BBM as a medium to show our level of wisdom (you should know I mean stupidity), well let’s get to it:

Here are a couple of thing I think we should have in mind while we use our lovely BBM :-

* Cross check EVERY info before you send a broadcast, even if it happened in your backyard,  you may never know the little you missed.  * Never complain about someone’s Display Picture or personal Message, it’s their phone for goodness sake whatever they feel like writing let them write just ignore it and move on nobody likes a pest tho*.

* Never use capital letters when writing a message, this could be pretty offensive. Most people assume you’re shouting.

* Never send the same thing twice it’s like forcing people to read your shit stuff and it could be very annoying especially when one is busy.

* Never send a link that has morbid/graphic scenes of a sexual or violent nature.

* If you have to watch porn, please we don’t want to see what you’re playing. There’s an option for not to show us what you’re playing right there in your profile.

* Be considerate with other peoples time ask before you start up a chat, some people are not always as idle less busy as you are.

* Don’t impose your belief on anyone, I don’t have to broadcast anything for God to bless me, anyone that sees the need to spread the word will, “if you don’t share this post your phone will get missing” smh

* Stop bringing in stupid abbreviations and be forming tushed. There are known abbreviations and acronyms  and if you have to use an abbreviation kindly explain it, who knows, people might like it and adapt, and most importantly if u see an abbreviation you don’t understand, just ask, I’m pretty sure the person that wrote it will be glad to explain it.

* Never ever agree to meet anyone you’ve met on chat, if you have to, go with 10 of your friends.

* Follow the rules of common courtesy just like you would in real life, who knows, you might just meet your chat-pal some day in real life.

* If you have to leave during a chat session type in ‘brb’ or use the smileys. BBM has smileys like “1min”, and “on the phone”, use them if you have to.

* Keep your BCs simple! No be handout. I must tell you guys, the longer your BC the less interested people will be, even if it’s going to give them money and it’s even worse when you send a long broadcast that’s very uninformative and stupid, trust me, nobody will open your Broadcast again!

* These smileys/emoticons that contain many characters are annoying. Geeez! Why can’t ‘lol’ be lol? Why does. It has to have jumping and swimming O’s in it. I really do find that thing annoying. Who’s with me?!

* Changing your display name too often makes it difficult for your contacts to find you on their list, even if you have to, just do it once in a year, and if you have a contact that does this simply open the contacts profile and edit the name to whatever you like.

* You see the one of one-word-BC please don’t do it, it’s very annoying, and why on earth would you wake up and compose a broadcast of four letters ‘ping’??

* The one of contact check is now a culture and I wouldn’t blame anyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. When a contact doesn’t message you in a while, why don’t you take your time and ping the person, do you have to disturb everybody on your list just because you need to know who has deleted you?

I’m getting almost getting angry already 😦 , that will be all, for now.

Just before I jump out here’s a little nice way I found out you can delete a contact (on code), simply wait till your BIS is off, then delete, the contact won’t know until you are back on, and even so, it may take a while before your phone sends the signal over the internet.

Thanks to everybody reading us. 🙂


inventor/creator of bbm

Gary Klassen inventor/creator of BBM