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It has come to our notice that some BlackBerry haters and even loyals don’t understand the concept of Android Apps on a BlackBerry, some have even given it a name ‘BlackBerry-Android’ Pffft!

A little history first.
The idea of the Blackberry 10 OS arose from the swift and easy gestures on the Blackberry Playbook (Blackberry Tablet). After it looked liked Blackberry was losing street cred they decided to introduce the new OS to their Smartphones and that was the birth of Blackberry 10.
The First device to be released with the BlackBerry 10 OS was the BlackBerry Z10, followed by the Q10 then the rest – Q5,Z30,Z3, etc.
BlackBerry users started to complain of lack of Apps so in version 10.2.1 of the BlackBerry 10 OS updates BlackBerry introduced the Android Runtime into the OS to allow BlackBerry devices run apps from Android (4.2.2) Jelly Bean upward.
In 2014, the 10.2 update provided access to downloading Android Apps, allowing an unprecedented number of previously unavailable applications to be used on BlackBerry 10.
Official integration with the Amazon Appstore was added in 10.3 update. Now the 10.3 comes shipped with an Amazon Appstore so you don’t need to download APK (Android application Package) files anymore before you install when you can get it directly from the Amazon Appstore.
Now in addition to the 260,000+ apps in the BlackBerry WorldWorld, BlackBerry users have an additional 200,000 supported Android Apps from the Amazon Appstore. So please stop calling it Android-Blackberry or BlackBerry-Android as that doesn’t make any sense at all.

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Hey Everyone. Its been like forever, but The Nigerian BlackBerry Blog is back in business.
Firstly lets start by saying sorry (yet again) for the long silence, we’ve just been busy trying to make sure we bring you the very best this year, and yeah this year is for you our dear readers.

We have introduced some new stuff to FathomBerry and believe it when we say that your Blackberry experience should and will be different this year.

So here’s what we got….

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Blackberry Z30 11th hour miracle?

I had the opportunity of hands-on time with the Blackberry Z30 few weeks ago and wow is the word to explain the experience.  The device was announced September, 2013 and released the next month October. I personally paid little attention to it because of the negative press about Blackberry and disappointing numbers from the Canadian company.blackberry_z301

Well spec wise it’s a 5in Super AMOLED display,12GB internal memory with expandable memory space,16 different bands and full LTE phone. With other juicy specs and better battery life than the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4.

After handling the phone, if I had time with the former blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins I will ask him these few questions :

1) Why was the Z30 not the flag ship phone instead of the Z10? Because the whole world wants a larger display to the point in 2014 Apple will release a 5 inches phone.

2) Why are Blackberry phones not pushed more in brick nations and Africa because there was the niche for legacy blackberry phones in the past 18months?

3) If OS 10 could be improved to 10.2 with google play store support and push notifications why wasn’t 10.2 the 1st taste of OS 10 we saw?

4) Lastly and naively why create a new OS with the option to port Android apps when you could just join the android train and enjoy close to a million apps?

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The BlackBerry Passport (BBID).

The BlackBerry Identification (BBID) is not just important but the MUST-HAVE for Every Blackberry User that’s why we decided to call it the ‘BlackBerry Passport’, and since there is now BBM for Android and iOS users, they too are not left out. According to BlackBerry, BlackBerry ID is a single, master key to BlackBerry products, sites, services and applications, including BlackBerry Protect and the BlackBerry World storefront.

Major uses of the BBID include:

  • Simplified access to BlackBerry products and services.
  • Privacy and security controls for your BlackBerry Device.
  • A personalized and customizable experience.

The BBID is your ‘Master Key’ to everything BlackBerry and it is very important that you have YOUR OWN BBID, even if you plan on switching to a different device (iOS,Android or Windows Phones). Apart from the fact that you may need to access BBM on your iOS or Android, you may also decide to come back to the Blackberry OS again some time later. With your BlackBerry ID you can :

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This Is Why Your BlackBerry ‘Hangs’!!**

Firstly i’d like to tell you (that’s if you don’t know already) that it’s called ‘lagging’ and not hanging. That said, we at FathomBerry are always making sure our readers and followers always get the best from whatever BlackBerry devices they have. So we are going to tell you why your BlackBerry lags and how you can manage or even stop it. We all hate the spinning hour-glass and the ‘clock’ now don’t we??!!

Back then, when the Bold 9900 (Bold5) was released it was generally recognised as one of the best phones BlackBerry ever made. It (9900) received a very huge welcome not until users started complaining about lagging on the device, this went on till some people were even discouraged from buying the device, but if you still have yours we are going to show you how you can stop or manage this lagging of a thing on any BlackBerry device you own. Just follow these simple rules and tips and if you don’t notice a difference come back here and make sure you did the right thing as we said it.
Like other devices, BlackBerry smartphones are susceptible to memory issues. If not addressed, an overloaded memory system can cause the device to slow down or even delete data.

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BlackBerry Craze III (Le struggle)*

Hey Fam! We got gist! What really inspired this post is our attitude to BlackBerry Smartphones in naija. Sometimes it’s STILL so embarrassing what youths do just to own a BlackBerry and ‘feel among’. Here’s an experience one of us (typical Naija Babe) had.
“At a time in my life when I was still using Nokia 2700 classic, I always envied BlackBerry users. At that time, the phone was just released and was becoming popular among youths, you’d see some chatting in class and sometimes I’d peep to see what they were chatting about and truthfully twas nothing serious, conversations were like : ‘what are u doing? and she would reply ‘nothing just some boring lectures’ and I’m like ‘hiss’. Even with what I saw the urge to use a BlackBerry was there.

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Would You Still Use Your BlackBerry??

Be calm!! BBM will soon be available on iOS and Android devices, but just before then here’s a table comparing some of the big Cross-Platform IM Apps alongside our beloved BBM. Have a look.

Supported Platforms BB 10, BB OS (android and iOS soon) Series 40,Symbian and Samsung’s Bada platform Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, BB 10, iOS, Symbian and WP. iOS, Android, BBOS, BB 10, Series 40, Symbian (S60), and WP BBOS, Series 40.
Login? Not required Not required Required Not required Required
Push notification Yes Yes No Yes No
Group chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
price Free Free Free Not free Free
Voice call support Yes Yes Yes No No
Video call support Yes (BB10) Yes Yes No No
Video conferencing No No Yes No No
Recent updates Yes No No No Yes
Broadcasts Yes No No Yes
Plus** Real-time message receipts and in-app sharing. You can switch calls between your PC and your mobile device. Supported on many platforms and can also be used to call Landlines across the world. Supported on many platforms.
Sadly… Previous versions of the BBM didn’t support video call Can’t call a non-viber user Audio quality is sometimes horrible. You have to give out your phone number to everyone you choose to chat with. It’s still not in the competition.
Active users 60M 200M 280M 300M 10M
Launch Year 2008 2010 2003 2009 2009


There are other well-known Apps too like Keek, Tango, WeChat, LINE, Fringe and a host of others which we didn’t mention, but then they are also cool cross-platform apps that are widely used.

So Fathomberry is asking, if BBM goes cross-platform are you going to throw away your BlackBerry Smartphone or are you going to still use it and why. Vote and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy Sunday.