How to save a Blackberry that almost drowned :/

Have you put your phone in danger by exposing it to water/liquid. Could be pee, could be a bottle of beer, could be both or you just finished having a warm bath and realised that while you danced shoki you were splashing water on your precious BlackBerry, well, too bad.But just before you start panicking here’s what you can do with no extra hand.



Step 1

Remove battery (and other removables) immediately and put it away for a few days.

Step 2

Using a soft towel/cloth put the phone gently face down onto it. The keyboard is the major source for water entry into the phone and is almost always the victim,so tap it gently and allow gravity to work.

Step 3

Go to a pharmacy/drug store and buy 100% rubbing alcohol(likely 91% might be the best you can find). Fill a bowl with enough alcohol(do not use liquor or monkey tail. Do not use anything with coloring. Take the phone, place gently in the bowl, and shake it lightly then remove from the bowl and repeat step 2. Don’t worry, alcohol evaporates so it won’t worsen your condition.

Step 4

This is where you wait.You wait till your name na waiter. Wait until you think it is dry, then wait some more. The alcohol that you rinsed your phone with displaced the water, now it must evaporate.There are some risks to long term alcohol exposure for your phone – it can break seals so we recommend waiting at least 4 days. We know you can’t live without your phone for that long….but you need to chill out because this saves your time of trying to get a technician and saves you some cash too.

Step 5

Drying location. The best location is NEXT to an air conditioning vent. Not on top, not directly in line. We don’t want any forced air action, but the passive effects are great. The Sun is not a bad idea too, but you know you can’t control the heat coming from the sun (which can even damage the device further), so be sure to monitor the temperature of your device – too hot is not too good.

Step 6

Put battery in. Watch closely to see if anything is different from before. Flashing, smoking, flames, and booms are all bad things. Normal is good. If it turns on completely, check EVERY button so you don’t have a surprise. Test out your salvaged phone. If it works, rejoice!

Others also advice you use a Hair-Dryer or simply open the device and put it in a bowl of uncooked rice as this will absorb all moisture.

Alcohol is particularly helpful when the liquid was NOT water. It removes the sticky residue from your phone. That sticky residue really kills your keyboard.Good Luck!


BlackBerry in H20

BlackBerry in H20

Other Important TIPS:

  • Backup your data/3rd party apps, and do it OFTEN.
  • Keep your phone in a case or use a pouch.
  • Avoid using wet hands to operate your device.
  • In case of emergency please send a message to
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The BlackBerry Passport (BBID).

The BlackBerry Identification (BBID) is not just important but the MUST-HAVE for Every Blackberry User that’s why we decided to call it the ‘BlackBerry Passport’, and since there is now BBM for Android and iOS users, they too are not left out. According to BlackBerry, BlackBerry ID is a single, master key to BlackBerry products, sites, services and applications, including BlackBerry Protect and the BlackBerry World storefront.

Major uses of the BBID include:

  • Simplified access to BlackBerry products and services.
  • Privacy and security controls for your BlackBerry Device.
  • A personalized and customizable experience.

The BBID is your ‘Master Key’ to everything BlackBerry and it is very important that you have YOUR OWN BBID, even if you plan on switching to a different device (iOS,Android or Windows Phones). Apart from the fact that you may need to access BBM on your iOS or Android, you may also decide to come back to the Blackberry OS again some time later. With your BlackBerry ID you can :

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How To Maximise Your BlackBerry Battery Life**

The BlackBerry battery is one of if not the most essential part of a BlackBerry, once your BlackBerry’s battery ‘is too low for radio use’, it becomes quite frustrating to perform tasks and socialize, most people even say the BlackBerry becomes useless, others resolve to playing games while others just turn the BlackBerry to an MP3 player, but FathomBerry is going to show you how to preserve, maintain and maximise your battery life and make sure your BlackBerry battery lasts longer than the norm.

Our Stand
As at june 2013 Redmond Pie posted some infographic data comparing major and recent smartphone batteries and there the Z10 was chosen to represent the BlackBerry family. Here are the results under different categories:

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How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS**

Well,we are going to show everyone how to upgrade their device Operating System (OS).
Firstly, we’d like to tell everyone this because its VERY important, To obtain the latest and harmless Operating System for your BlackBerry device, you should either use step 1 or 2 from this post, because If you decide to download and install an unofficial version of the BlackBerry OS, you should know that you’re doing so at your own risk. Beta operating systems are not officially released for good reasons: They’re often full of bugs and could potentially void your warranty or worse, render your BlackBerry unusable. (That’s why Blackberry’s crash or develop most of the common problems we all know today).
Here are the 3 major ways to upgrade your Blackberry OS:

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How-To : BlackBerry Beta Zone (Naija)

Following yesterday’s post on ‘BBM 8’ and the Facebook update a lot of people have been asking how to go about it, so here we are, its more or less like a Blackberry Beta Zone tutorial.

Nigeria has since been listed in the Blackberry Beta Zone since November last year, but most Blackberry users in Nigeria no even send.

You might want to ask, why join the Beta Zone? well, here’s why :

  1. It’s awesome.
  2. Becoming a member gives you a unique opportunity to get the newest BlackBerry software before it’s even released to the public. This means that you will get your hands on pre-release BlackBerry software before anyone else!
  3. Once you’ve tested out the software, you can offer your feedback and suggestions directly to Blackberry about how to improve the application experience for all users! see?!!

So if you want to be a member to test the un-released apps or you just want to be the first among your friends to get the app, here’s how:-

First and foremost before you do anything in the Blackberry Beta Zone you must have a Blackberry ID, all that’s required to create one is just a valid email address and a strong password thatsall!
You can either create this ID in your Blackberry world or at the Beta Zone Website.

Step 1: Input your Blackberry ID and password and click ‘sign in’ BBID sign in

Step 2: Link your Blackberry ID to a new Beta Zone profile (this is usually done only once,for new users). You’ll have to fill out a form just for your Beta Zone profile.

Step 3: Agree to the terms and conditions and the ‘Confirm your email’. You’ll actually have to go to your email inbox and confirm your email address, if. There’s no email you can follow this link : , sign in and on the account Details page, click “Confirm my email” and a new email will be sent to you right away. Confirming BBID

Then return to the Blackberry Beta Zone and click continue, once done you’ll be active in the Blackberry Beta Zone. 🙂

Active member

To Download:

Scroll down to eligible programs and click on the program you want to test: as shown in the image below, agree to participate, agree to the Software Pilot Agreement’. Once you are eligible and have accepted the ‘Eligibility declaration’, scroll down and hit the download button, then you are good to go.

Eligible programs          Agree to participate           Download tab        Confidential email

You will then receive an email like the one below with a keycode which is meant ONLY for your device, copy it and paste it into the app when requested and there you are, the Beta Zone Member ready to test the App. 😀

Accept and Download

If you have any questions, feel free to holla.


PS: here’s our channel PIN C0001DECD incase you hit up the new BBM 8. 🙂


Firstly I will love to announce that BlackBerry Beta Zone is now available to 43 other countries and yeah Nigeria is one of ’em countries.
The Beta Zone is a place where members can test new apps and services for both consumers and business, so if you’d like to be one of BlackBerrys ‘testers’ go sign up now,its first hand feel of apps and services people!

BlackBerry App World has also been upgraded ‘again’ to version not long after it hit v4.0.0.55. We are guessing they’re some bug fixes. You just share with us if you notice anything different.

And on BlackBerry 10,we saw a new face for the charging screen (Picture Below). Looks cute.

Blackberry Porsche Design P’9981 too has an official OS upgrade.
You can download it here:

And if your thinking of having bbm on your PC then try this app. Its called Blurts. It works tho but has its limitations. features include
– Display caller I’d alerts
– Display email alerts
– Bluetooth auto connect
– Signal and battery strength display

Then when you upgrade to the pro version:
– Display bbm messages (but you can’t reply)
– Display email alerts for all email accounts
– Display SMS/Text alert
– Send SMS/Text larger than 160 characters
– Answer or ignore call from your computer
– Place/Dial call from your computer
– Capture image of BlackBerry® screen
– And much more….

DLoad here :

And a last thing I thought we should ask ourselves here too,WHAT IF BBM goes cross platform,like Samsung and Nokia phones could actually then ‘PING’ us Blackberry users? IMO it’ll be bad business for RIM. Share your thoughts.