The BlackBerry Passport (BBID).

The BlackBerry Identification (BBID) is not just important but the MUST-HAVE for Every Blackberry User that’s why we decided to call it the ‘BlackBerry Passport’, and since there is now BBM for Android and iOS users, they too are not left out. According to BlackBerry, BlackBerry ID is a single, master key to BlackBerry products, sites, services and applications, including BlackBerry Protect and the BlackBerry World storefront.

Major uses of the BBID include:

  • Simplified access to BlackBerry products and services.
  • Privacy and security controls for your BlackBerry Device.
  • A personalized and customizable experience.

The BBID is your ‘Master Key’ to everything BlackBerry and it is very important that you have YOUR OWN BBID, even if you plan on switching to a different device (iOS,Android or Windows Phones). Apart from the fact that you may need to access BBM on your iOS or Android, you may also decide to come back to the Blackberry OS again some time later. With your BlackBerry ID you can :

* Access,pay and download Apps from the BlackBerry World (App World).
* Effectively use the BlackBerry Protect to find and wipe a lost Blackberry smartphone.
* Transfer paid Apps from one device to another so you don’t have to pay for an app twice after switching devices.
* Back-up and restore your data via the Blackberry Protect. You can set it to back up Daily, weekly or monthly.
* Move your BBM contacts freely from one device to another.
* Enjoy membership as a Beta Zone member/tester.

Now we all know how devastating it could be when you lose your BBM contacts, maybe after a device wipe or OS upgrade or when you have to add your contacts back one by one, but with the BBID this is history. Once you have your BBID connected to a device all your Apps (Purchased and free) and contacts are attached to the ID, it works just like a SIM card, carrying your contacts from one device to another has never been simpler.

Note: This works only for OS 7 and above. If you’re running on OS 6 and below don’t panic, just make sure you do the normal ‘back up by email’ so that when you get your new device with BBM 7 or 10, you can setup and connect that email and watch your BBID do its magic.

How to create a BlackBerry ID

  1. From a computer or Blackberry device, browse to and click the link to Create a BlackBerry ID online.
  2. Complete the required fields on the BlackBerry ID – Signup page, then click Submit.
    •  The Screen Name is a unique display name used to provide a way to identify the BlackBerry user’s presence in various BlackBerry products and services without revealing any personal information (for example: When writing a review for an application in BlackBerry World).
    • The Username is the BlackBerry ID account login name as well as the account’s associated email address.
    • When creating a BlackBerry ID, the Password cannot match the Password Recovery Question or Answer.
    • You cannot use one email for two or more Blackberry IDs.
  3. A confirmation message will be displayed advising that the BlackBerry ID has been created successfully, click OK to continue. This will also send a confirmation email to the email address used for the accounts Username.
  4. As part of the BlackBerry ID creation process, an email will be sent asking to validate the email address used as the BlackBerry ID Username. To validate the email address, click the link within the email message and when prompted enter the BlackBerry ID password.Note: The link within the validation email will expire after a 24 hour period. Be sure to click on the validation link before the link expires. If the validation email in step 4 does not arrive in the email inbox, be sure it has not been blocked by a local or Internet Service Provider SPAM or junk filter.

Once you confirm you email, then you’re good to go. You’re Passport is ready and you’re ready to explore the BlackBerry World and its services.

Also for new devices……

  1. Do one of the following:
    • When you first set up your new BlackBerry smartphone, click Create a BlackBerry ID or when you open an app that uses BlackBerry ID, such as BBM or the BlackBerry App World storefront, click Create a BlackBerry ID.
    • Also, on the home screen of your smartphone, click Options. Depending on your smartphone model, do one of the following:
      • Click Options > Device > BlackBerry ID.
      • Click Third Party Applications > BlackBerry ID.
      • Click BlackBerry ID.
  2. Complete the fields on the screen. The mandatory fields include a username (which is an email address), password, screen name, password recovery question, and password recovery answer.

After you have finished setting up a BlackBerry ID using your smartphone, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you used as your BlackBerry ID username. It’s important to verify your BlackBerry ID using the link in the confirmation email because you must have a verified email address in order to recover your password in the future.

Warning: Do not for any reason forget the answer to your BBID Recovery Question as it might be the only spare key when you forget your password, but be sure to create a recovery question and answer that can’t be easily guessed by someone else, for example ‘what is my name?’ Answer – fathomberry.

How to Reset Your BlackBerry ID Password

  • To reset your password on your BlackBerry device, when you are prompted to sign in with your BlackBerry ID, click Forgot Password. Answer your security question and complete the instructions on the screen.

Note: Once you have completed the steps above, you will receive a password reset email. If you complete the steps to reset your password on a computer, the password reset email can only be viewed on a computer and isn’t delivered to your device. If you follow the steps to reset your password on your device, the password reset email will be delivered to your device. Complete the instructions in the email to reset your BlackBerry ID password.

If you don’t remember the answer to your security question, then you can

  1. Browse to
  2. Enter the BlackBerry ID username, the verification code and select Submit.
  3. Access the password reset email and complete the process to reset the password

Note:  If the BlackBerry ID account is not confirmed it is required to provide the answer to the password recovery question during the password reset process.


Q: Can i have 2 BBIDs.
A: Yes you can, but both can’t be used on one device.

Q: Can i give my friend my ID just to download an app from Blackberry World?
A: No you shouldn’t. Instead advice your pal to get his/hers, because once they log in with your ID and password your BBM contacts automatically jump into their device.

Q: Can i change my BBID username (email)?
A: Yes you can. simple go here and sign in to Change your BBID username.

That’s all for now folks. If you have any questions about the BBID, feel free to go to the Ask Fathomberry category of this blog and leave a comment, or you can add us on BBM for quicker support.



Blackberry ID creation

Blackberry ID creation

5 thoughts on “The BlackBerry Passport (BBID).

  1. I set up a new bbid and the verification email sent to my gmail will not display a link for me to follow. Pls help with setup of blackberry bold for bbm and other services. Call 6824728893

  2. Please, I have issues with the way my mb runs out most of the time. Is there a solution to it cos I can’t even do anything and the next thing is that my mb will be exhausted.

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