How To Maximise Your BlackBerry Battery Life**

The BlackBerry battery is one of if not the most essential part of a BlackBerry, once your BlackBerry’s battery ‘is too low for radio use’, it becomes quite frustrating to perform tasks and socialize, most people even say the BlackBerry becomes useless, others resolve to playing games while others just turn the BlackBerry to an MP3 player, but FathomBerry is going to show you how to preserve, maintain and maximise your battery life and make sure your BlackBerry battery lasts longer than the norm.

Our Stand
As at june 2013 Redmond Pie posted some infographic data comparing major and recent smartphone batteries and there the Z10 was chosen to represent the BlackBerry family. Here are the results under different categories:

> Call Time
1. Samsung Galaxy S4
2. Sony Xperia Z
3. Google Nexus 4
4. HTC One
5. BlackBerry Z10
6. Apple iPhone 5 (16GB)
7. Nokia Lumia 920

> Internet Use
1. Samsung Galaxy S4
2. HTC One
3. BlackBerry Z10
4. Sony Xperia Z
5. Google Nexus 4
6. Apple iPhone 5 (16GB)
7. Nokia Lumia 920

> Charging Time
1. Apple iPhone 5 (16GB)
2. Nokia Lumia 920
3. Samsung Galaxy S4
4. BlackBerry Z10
5. Sony Xperia Z
6. Google Nexus 4
7. HTC One

From these results the BlackBerry battery doesn’t look too bad, but doesn’t look like the best either, but then it still beats some other devices you didn’t know.
After a little research (and tests too) we discovered that a typical BlackBerry Battery should last At least 8 hours (without heavy activity). This is not too bad considering that a typical BlackBerry user will/may need his/her device active and available for at most 14 hours out of the 24 hours in a day.

Since about 3 million people use a BlackBerry device (or 2) there’s bound to be myths and funny stories/beliefs surrounding the BlackBerry battery and its usage (or drainage). Some say leaving your device plugged-in even after its fully charged reduces the life span of the battery, but FathomBerry says that’s not true, because you can’t overcharge a current L-ion battery. You should know that it’s not the phone that ultimately controls the battery charging but a chip in the battery. Originally this current crop of L-ion batteries were called “smart batteries ” because of this self-regulated charging, so once your battery is full a circuit in your phone stops the flow of electricity into the battery.

Maximise Your Battery.
Sorry we had to talk plenty before getting here, it was just to prepare your mind and clear some doubts too. leggooo!!
According to the Battery University, there are 3 major ways to maximise your battery’s life span. They are :

* Keep a moderate temperature. As food stays fresher when refrigerated, so also does cool temperature retard battery corrosion, a life-robbing adversary of any battery.

* Control discharge. Each cycle wears the battery down by a small amount. A partial discharge before charge is better than a full discharge. Apply a deliberate full discharge only to calibrate a smart battery and to prevent “memory” on a nickel-based pack.

* Avoid abuse. Like a machine that is exposed to strenuous work, a battery wears down more quickly if discharged harshly and if force-charged with high currents. Strenuous demands cannot always be prevented, but the user has the choice of selecting the right battery size, keeping the temperature moderate and following life-extending service guidelines.

We’ve made a long list of Do’s and Dont’s, and trust Us when we say ‘if you abide by them, you’d be suprised how long your battery will last’.

* Charge your battery anytime you can.
* Use appropriate chargers. some chargers don’t have regulators and are poorly built.
* Dim your screen brightness (to the lowest if possible).
* Turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use.
* Always keep your BlackBerry battery cool, open the back door if you have to.
* Update your BlackBerry OS as frequent as there’s an upgrade, so that you can take advantage of any available optimizations which can help improve your battery life.
* There are Apps in the BlackBerry World that can help check/maintain your battery usage, like the Battery optimizer, Battery-Watch, Battery-Booster etc
* If you are in a place with low or no signals (network), just switch off the mobile network because your device will keep searching for signal and this drains your battery ALOT.
* Set your phone to automatically turn off over night (or your sleeping period) when you need it least.
* Reduce the amount of time back lighting is on to 10 seconds.
* If your battery is 1 year + and doesn’t retain charges as it used to, CHANGE IT. Get an original battery and replace it. *keep the old one for emergencies.
* Get a portable Battery Bank, just incase, it’s better you have 2 lumps (Blackberry and Battery Bank) in your pockets than have a dead and useless device.
* When devoting time to intensive applications and games that are graphic intensive, consider keeping the device plugged into a charger while doing so.

* Avoid using ‘Generators” to charge your phone, most especially when you’re using an unapproved charger, a power-surge to cause damage to even the device’s motherboard.
* Avoid using the Vibration alert type plus a ring out tone, if you have to put it on Vibrate, you can customize it to vibrate once or twice.
* If you’re not actively surfing the internet or expecting an email, switch your BlackBerry Network Mode to 2G only as 3G consumes more power.
* Avoid using unapproved chargers.
* Avoid draining your battery to 0%. Deep discharge wears the battery life span.
* Avoid leaving Apps running in the background, use the escape key less often. If you’re not using an App, EXIT it.
* Playing videos and music from the loudspeaker could drain your battery, try as much as possible to use earphones.
* If you know you might not always have the chance or time to charge your battery avoid using Bluetooth headsets.
* Avoid wireless charging. Just avoid it. (has its own flaws).
* Disable your camera flash or just set it to ‘Auto’. To minimize use of battery, consider turning off the flash feature of the camera when it is not needed.
* Do not interchange batteries. Every Blackberry has its own designated battery.

NOTE: Not all of the suggestions above are practical for everyone, all the time. Employ as many as possible when the situations permit to maximize battery life.

BB Battery

BB Battery

There could be other tricks and tips you’ve noticed on your own BlackBerry, we’d like to hear it, share your experience(s) with us in the comments below, we always love to hear from you.

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