BlackBerry Craze III (Le struggle)*

Hey Fam! We got gist! What really inspired this post is our attitude to BlackBerry Smartphones in naija. Sometimes it’s STILL so embarrassing what youths do just to own a BlackBerry and ‘feel among’. Here’s an experience one of us (typical Naija Babe) had.
“At a time in my life when I was still using Nokia 2700 classic, I always envied BlackBerry users. At that time, the phone was just released and was becoming popular among youths, you’d see some chatting in class and sometimes I’d peep to see what they were chatting about and truthfully twas nothing serious, conversations were like : ‘what are u doing? and she would reply ‘nothing just some boring lectures’ and I’m like ‘hiss’. Even with what I saw the urge to use a BlackBerry was there.

The painful part was that whenever I tweet much, I always had plenty DMs requesting for my BB PIN, for fucks sake I was never even asked if I had a BlackBerry, they just assumed that I had a BlackBerry coz I was always tweeting. How could they have forgotten that Snaptu existed huh! *smiles*.
Truthfully I always felt embarrassed whenever people asked me for my PIN, I hated to say ‘no’ but I never had a choice you know, it wasn’t like Snaptu, wasn’t giving me the same thing the so called ‘Twitter for Blackberry’ was giving.
I looked forward to having my own BlackBerry,le struggle was not easy, but I wanted to feel among, infact i needed to be there…I stopped touching my allowance, I started living on my chykers money, lmao and thanks to my then boyfriend *evil grin* he was so supportive, I never went hungry you know and didn’t think up evil, we never did it, he was my supposed maga *covers face*
Finally at the end of that semester, my money was complete and I went to pick my glorious BlackBerry Tour, lmao…you had to see the look on my face when the buyer offered me a fairly used tour, it wasn’t so clean, I felt shivers all over me, I didn’t know how to thank him because shamefully I didn’t pay at once, I had to balance him few thousands of naira later and I didn’t even have transport to travel back to my family, indeed I was broke, but hallelujah, I had a BlackBerry and I successfully subscribed for it, but I didn’t have one naira home and abroad, don’t laugh oh, twas not funny, since u guys won’t let a sister be eh-hen!
Do you know the bad thing? I never saw myself in a cloud nine when I was using the so called BlackBerry. I was disappointed, because it was over-hyped, guys and girls made it look like It would be heaven on earth if one was using a BlackBerry.
I am not going to waste my time talking bout people that live the high life, but I must say shame on some of you. It started with Curve 2 to Bold 2 to Torch 2 and then Bold 5, wait! pause! Porsche came out and it was like people were on leave, lmao, nobody was interested in buying again.
Yes tell me that i’m jealous because I couldn’t follow the train, but lemme remind you that it is only the man that works hard for his money that knows how to use it wisely, I don’t get a phone without knowing the features, even if I don’t have money to get it, I always put it on my wishlist, who knows the miracle I may be expecting. 😀
On top everything, BlackBerry is just playing pranks with us and its annoying how Nigerians want to die because of BlackBerry, my brothers and sisters the only thing I heard about Porsche was that Beyonce had it, hehehe, its not like it’s a sin not to get it oh, but looking at the way a human being that God created kept switching to every new BlackBerry was alarming, I started feeling bad *shys away*. Do you know what it feels like when you find it difficult to get yourself a new BlackBerry and you know people who have changed phones more than twice and you are like ‘wtf’!
It didn’t end there o, BlackBerry then decided to bring about Z10 and Q10, limme oh!!, you guys knew I was gonna mention it yeh? well, good guess, one of my friends said he does not know how to install Instagram on it yet he bought it, you are not even gadget literate and you horridly went to get one smh, the other one got a Q10 and it fell inside water, now he is back to using a Curve 3,hahahahah, i’ve got to laugh, oya! replace it naaa, since you have plenty money for something you can’t even manage.
*In Yoruba accent* The moral of the story is this, do not let peer pressure or jealousy or big-eye or that feel-among spirit make you do stuff you shouldn’t do. Before BlackBerry, life was good so why let it control you now. If you can afford one buy o, but make sure you can do BIS without begging for airtime. Just do what you gotta do and be content with what you have and can manage, many are mad but few are roaming, don’t let the craze take you, and if you own one of the latest, it’s not a reason to carry shoulder please, as a matter of fact its not even a status symbol so whether you use the Porsche or the gold-plated Q10 please don’t make us Bold 2 and Curve 7 users feel like we are going to hell please abeg and besides it’s not a competition, You can ping and i can ping ‘money cannot waste’, thatzall

This Post was written by Thelma, you can follow her on twitter @_tres_chic

The Craze

The Craze

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