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Hello everyone, Its Fathomberry here. Its been a while we posted some major news here, especially our weekly Fathom-Wednesday and we sincerely apologise for this, we’d hate to give excuses but for circumstances beyond our control we’ve not posted in a while, but hey, we’re back (almost) and today we will bring you up to speed on everything BlackBerry. So lets just say this is everything from Fathom-Wednesday Week 36 – 38. 😉

BBM for All!
Firstly, if you’ve been following Us on twitter, you would have known already that BBM will officially be available for Android September 21 and iPhone September 22. Samsung-Nigeria maybe out of curiosity had tweeted something about this earlier and also said it will be exclusive to them (smh) but BlackBerry Confirmed that BBM wont be exclusive to anybody. According to a press release by the Canadian company (BlackBerry) “BBM(TM) – the iconic mobile social network – will begin rolling out for Android(TM) and iPhone(R) customers around the world from September 21. Previously exclusive to BlackBerry(R) (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSX:BB) smartphones, BBM will be available as a free download in Google Play(TM) and the App Store(SM). Customers will be able to download BBM by visiting http://www.BBM.com from their smartphone browser”. BBM will be available as a free download for Android smartphones running Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean (Android 4.x) beginning at 7AM EDT on September 21. BBM for iPhones running iOS 6 and iOS 7 will become available for each market on the App Store schedule of 12:01 AM local time on September 22. For more information, or to download BBM for Android or iPhone, visit http://www.BBM.com

BlackBerry Z30 (Latest BB10 Device)
If you’re a good follower of our blog you must have followed the trend of this device from when it was called the A10 till when its name was changed to the Z30. The Z30 runs on OS 10.2 fresh out of the box and other specs include

* A 5-inch super AMOLED display
* A 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor
* 2GB of RAM
* 16GB of storage
* microSDXC support
* An 8 megapixel camera among other cool things.
The device will start shipping from early next month although a specific price hasn’t been set.

OS 10.2
If you own a BB 10 phone and you’re not a big fan of leaked OSs then your patience will pay off soon. Subject to carrier approvals, OS version 10.2 is expected to be available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5 smartphones beginning mid-october. And just incase you didn’t know, here are some key features of the OS 10.2:

* Clearly improved system performance, application support (including Android Player) and animation

BlackBerry Hub
* New “Priority” with the ability to establishing automatic priority rules (For example, based on sender’s name…)
* Differentiation between priority messages in the hub (red bar on the right)
* Shortcut to a list of all attachments

* New visual notification on the lock screen (just click on the notification icon to expand)
* The new “fast” actionable notification at the top of the screen (in any application) with the ability to respond and take action without running dedicated applications (mostly)
* A separate notification for each group of BBM

Home Screen
* A new quick settings menu with additional buttons and change of appearance
* Dedicated access icon for BlackBerry Hub
* New default wallpaper

System Applications
* Task Manager, which allows such check which applications are taxing your system and battery
* Weather app with a fresh look
* Native application Evernote
* New indicator for data
* Remember gets extensive improvements including a search option
*Changing some elements of the Music app’s UI

Default Applications
*Ability to select and / or change the default applications that run on certain activities / references

* Displays the total number of contacts

* You can send a predefined SMS when you reject a call

UI (User Interface)
* Simplification of many interface elements, improved buttons and sliders

* This finally is a native app. No more slow adobe AIR
* Change the look of some of the UI elements

* A new screen with a preview of the file sharing
* Ability to edit photos directly from this screen before sending

* The different sounds of clicks for keys other than letters / numbers
* Vibration alerts can be activated by the introduction of an automatic change / amendment of the word

* More than one alarm – for the first time in BlackBerry OS, you can set more than one alarm at a time. Access to this feature can be accessed directly by an icon on the screen watch, which is located in the upper right corner.

* New shortcut to the location settings geolocation photos
* Preview transmitted images
* The camera can now turn on a grid
* After shooting, just drag its thumbnail in the top and then on one of the display in such case the – delete or share

* WiFi Direct
* New categories of tags NFC Smart Tags

* Ability basic photo editing and to set as wallpaper

Voice Dialing
* Additional features for advanced voice dialing

* New loading bar browser
* Longer holding the “Back” button in your browser calls the abbreviated browsing history
* Reversible color reader mode (white text on a black background)
* The smaller top bar

* New recordings instructional
* More instructions on the screen when you first start and configuration
* New information after a screenshot – the amount of free memory
* A new interface operations for copy / paste
(Incase you have any problems loading the BB 10 leaked OSs, you can holla @ BABAJ15E for help).

WhatsApp Upgrade
The giant cross-platform App and a serious BBM rival, our beloved WhatsApp received an upgrade recently but only for BB 10 devices. The new features include:
* New User Interface for sending photos: can send multiple photos at the same time
* Message previews: shows incoming messages from other conversations
* Support for sharing contacts directly from the Contacts app
* Support for sharing multi-selected photos directly from the Pictures app and
* Many bug fixes.

Enough for BlackBerry 10 Devices. *yimu*

PlayBook OS
If there’s anybody out there who hasn’t smashed their Playbook Tablet on the wall after we got the bad news that we won’t be getting the BB 10 OS, then here’s some good news for you, an official OS upgrade was recently made available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. This version is and is about 396MB which is larger than most updates we’ve seen. So if you hit it up, feel free to share what’s new with us in the comments below.

BlackBerry Link Upgrade
In our last Fathom-wednesday we mentioned a leaked version of the BlackBerry Link, but now an official version has been released (Windows Only). This version sits at 1.2. You can click here to download it.

FaceBook For BlackBerry
Facebook for the legacy BlackBerry smartphones has been upgraded to version This version brings along various fixes and enhancements including easier access to the News Feed, a new look and feel for user profiles, as well as fixes for receiving and clearing notifications. Grab yours here.

BlackBerry World
BlackBerry World (formerly App World) got a nice upgrade too, and with it came
* Performance enhancements for queuing multiple downloads
* Scroll through expanded screenshots
* Update notifications now open a list of all applications with available updates
* Defect fixes and other minor improvements.
This version is v4.4.2.18. You can check it out here

BBM Channels
If you’ve been enjoying the BBM channels from the Beta Zone and you’ve got a BB 10 device then you might want to check out the new update. This update sits at v10.2.20.37. A couple of new features were added, so you can hit it up and let us know whats new. You can head to the Beta Zone from here.

That’s all for now Folks.
Since BBM will be going cross-platform from tomorrow, we’ll have new family members so treat them well and tell them about our blog.
You can also follow on twitter @fathomberry to get up-to-the-minute news and gist and also win free BIS.

Dont forget to share.

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