Why Your BlackBerry Will Crash**

Hey Everyone. Happy New Week.
Has anybody ever wondered why BlackBerry(s) crash, or develop errors. To some of us its become a phenomenon, while to others it could be devastating and even annoying.

So we’ve compiled a little list of things that might cause your BlackBerry Smartphone to crash or develop errors. We haven’t necessarily provided solutions, but you could just see them as precautions.

The first thing we’d like to mention is…

1) Unofficial Operating System (OS) installation.
This was mentioned in one of our earlier Post, and because of how important it is we’d like to mention it first.
When you install an unofficial OS, you do so solely at your own risk, pain and cost, because these OSes come with bugs (as they are beta OSes) and may render your warranty useless/void. Everything may seem right after you delete the vendor.xml file to enable you install the OS, but trust me when i say there’s nothing better than a clean legit official OS.

2) Disconnecting your device during an OS Upgrade:
This too was also mentioned in an earlier post OS upgrades. it’s very risky to pull out or disconnect your BlackBerry from your PC during an OS upgrade, as this may crash or damage your device OS.

3) Too many (unneccessary) Apps:
Most BlackBerry users just jump at any App/Games they see, not good. Here’s why, most apps tend to use up your device memory then put a lot of load on your device RAM/processor which may then cause your device to crash. Most times, you may get warnings which come in form of frequent restarts/reboots. When this starts happening delete unnecessary apps, you can even check how often you use apps from your Applications manager to know which is irrelevant and less used.

4) Hardware to Software:
Yep! A simple hardware problem could cause an OS problem. So be careful not to drop your phone because if it lands on the wrong side, it could be bad news (your device can’t break its fall tho).

5) Playing around:
We at FathomBerry do this a lot but just to bring you the best. please don’t do this at home. There some pretty cool Softwares out there like THe BBSK but playing around with them without basic knowledge might be pretty detrimental. So either you read the manuals properly or just ASK FATHOMBERRY.

6) VIRUS!!!!
Yes!! Virus! Malware! Trojan! Call it whatever you want, they actually affect your device especially if you have inserted, an external storage, which is like their main doorway into your device. We used to hear that BlackBerry smartphones couldn’t be infected by malicious files and software, but that has become ‘not true’ with time. Did you ever notice that some of your songs or pictures just ‘miss’ or you notice very strange files on your device when you view it on your PC? Now listen, have a good,active and updated anti-virus on your PC, scan your device once in a while just to be on the safer side, especially if you’re the type that visits/downloads stuff from different ‘funny’ websites.

Error Screen of Life

Error Screen of Life

To know All there is about BlackBerry Error codes and their resolutions please click this LINK for OS 6 devices and this LINK for OS 7 devices.

This is what we’ve got for now. When we know more we’ll surely let you know.
Be careful and treat your BlackBerry right. #KeepMoving

Please feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.


5 thoughts on “Why Your BlackBerry Will Crash**

  1. i like what you have done with the place. lovely layout, and the colors do serious justice to it. plus, back to crux of the matter, you are really doing a lot of your viewers along of good by bringing efficient solutions to most of their problems; it would be clearly understated, if i say I’m impressed. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, i’m waiting for your partnership with RIM, or abi is it “Blackberry”….you know you always keep up-to-date

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