BlackBerry (Naija) Ethics and Etiquettes

So as at May last year there were about 5,271,578 mobile phone users in Nigeria and about 2.6 million BlackBerry users in Nigeria alone, and the young people make up of about 73% of this number. Now check it out, we plenty o. But then how well do we act with these Smartphones. You’re cooking and pinging, in class you’re pinging, your mother is talking and you’re ‘facebooking’, you go to church and you want to tweet about what’s trending on twitter or what the pastor just said. My people! No be so! Well we did BBM ethics so we decided to do something general! Please Read and Share.
Let’s get to it!

*There’s really time for everything. We shouldn’t abuse the little privileges given or entrusted to us, and if we continue this way what do we expect of our successors and younger ones. Its really madness! So here are a couple of tips you may ALWAYS enjoy while enjoying your Blackberry Smartphone.

1) The red light is in no way connected to you heart, it ok if you let it blink for a while, and I must say, that red light uses about 1% of your battery life, so you musn’t jump at the phone every time the light blinks.

2) Though its called a mobile phone it really shouldn’t be a distraction especially to an audience or a superior. Know when to use your phone and when not to.

3)This should have come first, since we would all agree ‘God first’. The church is the house of God. I no fit shout. If its an emergency, God will take care of it. And I also believe that there’s nothing wrong with carrying the ‘old’ normal paper-back Bible we used to carry before we were plagued for those of you that want to say your Bible is in your smartphone or tablet.

4)Please if you’re in a public you don’t have to shout while making a call. Its noisy around you, you can shift to a quieter place. Just don’t be loud. I sha know of a man that got hit for shouting and disturbing people in a bus. Google it.

5)If you must buy a fairly used (second hand) Blackberry please make sure its legit. Y’all know what I mean. They say ‘what you don’t know won’t kill you’ but I’ve seen people pay seriously for what they didn’t know.

6)When you see a ‘no mobile phone’ sign please obey it. Its not a sign of domination or to make you uncomfortable, but most times some mobile phone sounds trigger seizures in people with temporal lobe epilepsy and some people too have neuro sensory issues that cause extraneous noise to be a severe difficulty rather than a mild annoyance.

7)Don’t text and drive. You think you’re multi-tasking, you’re not o. Don’t text while walking either, people have lost their teeth Don’t make calls while driving too, infact don’t just do anything that involves interacting with human beings or anything that can hurt you while using your mobile phone. We’ve all heard the joke of the guy that was ironing and his phone rang…….!

8)There are the Normal, Loud, Medium, Silent, Vibrate only, Phone call only and the all alerts off sound profile for all Blackberrys. Simply choose one that fits wherever you are. You could even customize a new profile to fit you day-to-day activities. Know where not to use your phone, some places are inappropriate for cell phone usage, so avoid talking or allowing your Blackberry ring while in these places:
*Movie theaters
*Cabs and buses
*Live performances
*In classrooms
And anytime you are asked or required to.

9)When you ‘Ping’ someone once or twice and you don’t get a reply please chill and try later. Don’t be a nuisance and start sending many ‘Pings’ believing that someone that is busy or just doesn’t want to answer you will change his/her mind because you tried to murder their battery. One ‘Ping’ means its urgent, 2 ‘Pings’ means reply ASAP, 3 means something is wrong with you.
10)When people give you their Blackberry its not license to check their personal stuff!

11)Finally I’ve tried this and its pretty cool. Establish a phone-free time or zone, a time of the day when you’ll let your phone chill and keep your mind off it too, switching it off is ideal, even if its for 2 to 3 hours, maybe after work or school or just at a time when you won’t really expect any emergencies. This helps take your mind off a lot of things and reduces stress.

Finally, BlackBerry has invaded our classrooms, bedrooms, restaurants, theaters, offices, streets and even worship places and sooner than later things might get out of hand. Let’s help spread the word and do shit right.
You can shun it all if you think any of these don’t apply to you. Ignorance they say is bliss.

For FathomBerry
PS: Feel free to add your thoughts too in the comments below.

Disclaimer *everything contained in this post is general and collective ideas of selected BlackBerry users in Nigeria, it is in no way a law. If you like do, if you like dey fall your hand*


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