BBM on iOS and Android?? Whats your take?!**

Its no news now that BBM is going cross-platform soon and we @ Fathomberry are pretty excited for a couple of reasons which we’d like to share. Though we got comments and replies about how bad-for-business it could be for BlackBerry. Well, let’s see, we think its a good idea for the following reasons

1) We all know whatsapp and how ‘good’ it is (next post talks more), BBM being so secure and all will definitely be the number 1 in mobile IM.

2) A whole lot of people think that blackberry will lose its customers since they can still retain their BBM contacts on an iOS or Android device, but I don’t think so, I’m a nigerian, and unless I don’t just know what to do with money I won’t dump my Z10 I just bought last week to grab an iphone 5 just coz I want BBM in an iOS device with many apps *rme* NO! We think those that wanted to ‘port’ have ported since.

3) To them that just hate Blackberry et BBM, now we’ll see them rush to check out how our thing runs on their devices and I know for sure that BlackBerry won’t make all BBM features available to all y’all. (Go and buy a BB) :p

4) And did you know, if BBM goes cross-platform it turns it into a full-out social media platform like twitter and facebook and this, my people, should and would increase the value of BBM and add to BlackBerry’s market value. (Statistics dey o)
Well just before we leave, here’s what your BBM can actually do :
You can –
*Make video calls over Wi-Fi or the mobile network on the latest smartphones (BlackBerry Q10 and Z10).
*Send and receive messages with unlimited length.
*Choose a personal BBM display picture and status.
*Real-time confirmations when messages are delivered and read.
*Share photos, videos and more with multiple contacts at once.
*Add contacts by scanning QR Codes, using NFC technology or sharing PINs.
*Send music files.
*Create and join groups where you can share and discuss lists, photos etc.
*Share location.
*Free Call BBM contacts over Wi-Fi.
*With BBM connected apps you can chat with BBM friends within your apps and select BBM contacts right from the app to invite them to download it.
Can anyone beat that????

Our next post is going to be on BBM and other cross-platform IM apps.
Read, comment, share and like.


Android BBM and iOS

Android BBM and iOS

29 thoughts on “BBM on iOS and Android?? Whats your take?!**

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  2. With regards to ur number 2 point, Blackberry maybe popular in Nigeria and some other african countries but what about the rest of the globe? In the country I’m in (Philippines) for example, the number of iphone and android users are way more than bb users. The same holds true for rest of Asia and those who own bb only use it the bbm feature like me…Now it will be a lot easier to convince my friends to get off their bb….blackberry simply’s the worst phone i ever used. Good to know bbm is going cross-platform, i really don’t like carrying 2 devices on me.. 🙂

  3. I think it’s d best news that hit people dis year….I mean u get 2 save a lot and stand to gain a lot

  4. I say good for them.. Afterall blackberry 10 managed to pull in instagram to work.
    This way bbm gains more users altho they might lose a couple of customers,
    Let it also be known dat dey’l lose customers bcos of d poor battery life

    • lol. Not to boast too much here, but what other device is ‘always’ connected to the internet to bring you email notifications as they come, BBM recent updates and channel updates as they come while twitter,facebook and other apps are running in the background?? See? And then make sure you are using the right power source to charge too, Blackberry™ batteries are not that bad o.

      • Why would i want to be always connected?…it does nothing but drain the battery. I’d like the option to be connected or disconnected anytime i want..That’s why i love my android.. i get immediate updates when i’m connected..i wouldn’t want my phone to remind me all day long only when i need it to.

  5. Truth is I feel bad dat bbm is sellin out.. Bt wat d heck! If dey wnt to tk such a business decision den it is sure dat deyv done dier “homework” and dey knw beta.. *dos android users tho.. Feelin like dey got it all*
    P.s- miss FB bein on my Bbm list 😦 ..wat hapnd? Did dey steal ur fone? Pls send me a mail ov ur pin for a readd..

    • I say good for them.. Afterall dey’v managed to pull in instagram to blackberry 10 OS…
      Only problem is that they’d lose a couple customers cos of their poor battery life, that is one major reason.

      • Why would i want to be always connected?…it does nothing but drain the battery. I’d like the option to be connected or disconnected anytime i want..That’s why i love my android.. i get immediate updates when i’m connected..i wouldn’t want my phone to remind me all day long only when i need it to.

  6. Deploying BBM across iOS and android platforms is suicidal to RIM! Basing your analysis on Nigeria market is acutely myopic because phone makers flex competition (innovations) on high speed Internet bandwidths which Nigeria and most African countries are far behind. In general, BBM is the only unique app to blackberry phones and the only selling point of the brand. The BBM voice is behind innovation as viber, tango and few more run on both wifi and 3G. I call it the only selling point as there are fewer apps with lower functionalities in blackberry world compared to android market and apple store individually.
    Revenue will drastically decline further as RIM won’t sell the BBM app the price of the lowest selling model of blackberry phone and the revenue from BIS subscription will remain almost the same.
    As a user, it will be good news and a massive relief. I use two phones; a blackberry and an iOS phone, the only thing I use the blackberry for is pings, the iOS phones does every other thing much better.
    Kindly update me when the deployment goes live, the burden of carrying two phones is akin to carrying two crosses.

    • “fewer apps with lower functionalities” ?? somehow true, but then i wouldnt want to start comparing apps now. the Blackberry developers community is growing real fast and in no time the BlackBerry World will be rich with apps. i just believe this cross-platform thing will bring consolidation. thatsall.

      • I did dump words, I put forward propositions you can verify on your own. Choose any app category and carry out a head count. Pick any similar apps and test functionalities. Why would BBM voice run only on wifi when others run on wifi and 3G?
        Don’t get me wrong, the consolidation is a welcome development to user community (where I belong) but for RIM, it’s a move to eliminate it’s sole competitive edge. I will rather suggest they consolidate apps on their app world and reduce the vast number of models that compete among themselves.

  7. For me I really think its a bad idea cos android users be making so much noise now since most of them can’t afford an android & bb @ a time guess this is definitely manner from heaven which they don’t deserve *bite me if u want* but I just said my mind!

  8. That will be the a major business decision for RIM. I see them more as the losers in this arraingent. with the Android market controlling over 40% market share in the smart phone world, BBM which is a USP for RIM will do better as a stand alone on its platform and the company struggles for market share from its de clinging markets.Finally the wave of innovation on Unread devices such as Samsung and the likes will leave RIM far behind if the share their corn jewel, BBM still remains the most secure and stable chat service and the key value driver for RIM, I wouldn’t share that if Were in the helm of affairs

    • *whew* you do have a point Uche but also android has really had customers because of their availability of apps and right now you can port android apps to your BlackBerry 10 and knowing fully well that its a gradual process BlackBerry now has about 250,000 apps for all OS in the BlackBerry world. In our next post we shall compare some big IM apps on Android and iOS and then maybe you’ll see with us that this might not be a bad idea @ all.

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