FathomBerry Is Back (and Better)**

Hello people, its been a while, and we apologize. We @ Fathomberry have been working pretty hard to put everything in order.
In few days the Fathomberry app for all Blackberry users will be available for downloads in the Blackberry world. We are back and better.
We’ve worked so hard to get here and trust me when we say “its for all our loyal subscribers and readers”.
Its sad that most of our readers didn’t care to check up on us but we’re not here for pity stories.
Also we have put together a brilliant team of blackberry “experts”, geeks and even ordinary users whom will help make your blackberry experience even more fun.
Fathomberry now has its own dedicated PIN for all your problems and experiences, so now you could holla @ us anytime anyday from anywhere and we’ll be sure to help you out.
A lot has happened since we last posted here, we’ve seen the Z10 and Q10 and now the R10 and Q5 to be released soon.
We’ve also seen a lot of apps being rolled out for the Z10 and also OS upgrades, the guys @ Blackberry have really been busy. But not to worry, we promise to bring everyone up to speed.
Don’t forget to follow us in twitter ( @fathomberry ) and Facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/fathomberry ) for up to the minute gist.
There’ll be more…


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