BlackBerry 10 in 10days**

The long awaited BlackBerry 10 is almost here (launch event in 10 days), and we @ Fathomberry are pretty excited, and its quite unbelievable that some/most of our readers don’t even know what a BB 10 is,but we’re taking the blame, so we did this post for those that know,those that think they know and them peoples that haven’t read the 2 previous posts on BB 10 and so therefore know nothing. There are a couple of pictures @ the bottom of the page,so just chill and read first.

If you didn’t see our previous posts well here they are and

Now there’ll be a couple of things we’ll not be seeing in the new BB 10,and we made a quick list of 10, here:

1) Trackpad : Our beloved trackpad from the trackball is going to be big time history now. #sadmuch

2) Call / End Call / Menu Key / Back Button : yep! Since the call key has been embedded in the BB 10 os there’ll be no need for ’em keys anymore also considering how smooth navigation is within the OS those keys might just be taking up some space.

3) Convenience keys : BlackBerry(s) historically had two programmable convenience keys, one on each side of the phone. Then the one on the left was removed on more recent models, leaving only the one on the right (they did add a dedicated BBM key back onto a couple of models), but now its all gonna be taken out.

4) Third party themes : It has been officially announced they will not be supported. At least for the foreseeable future.
For users who never care to change their theme from the default one, this isn’t a big deal tho.

5) Keyboard shortcuts : Keyboard shortcuts which is one of my favorites too has been taking out mostly for the touchscreen phones, but then you can slide up the keyboard from basically anywhere on the OS.

6) In / Out Holster Profile Settings: Though this hasn’t been really confirmed there’s a chance we might still have this. We’ll see.

7) Google maps : Blackberry (RIM) has announced Tom Tom as their traffic and mapping partner. ( ). Presently, we don’t know if Google Maps will available as a third party application for BB10, but we’ll sure see!

8) Apps : A couple Of utility apps like quick launch which allows you to pull up a quick launch menu anywhere within the OS and allows you take action on almost anything will also be taken out. Sad it is, but then the BB 10 OS has been made in a way to allow users move and navigate within the OS with much ease.

9) Charging contacts : The main purpose of the charging contacts is for the device to easily sit in a charging pod (especially important for a portrait orientation phone, when the USB was high up on the left side of the device). This has been an additional accessory, which means a lot of BlackBerry users to date have never even used the charging contacts, instead charging via the USB port. Well hopefully the BlackBerry 10 we’ll still see charging stands later.

10) Dedicated camera shutter : As part of losing the convenience keys, we also will lose the dedicated camera button.

But then there’ll be a couple of new things we’ll gain too, see:

*BlackBerry Hub – BlackBerry Hub is the inbox/messages app for BlackBerry 10. There is no Messages app now – just the BlackBerry Hub which is always there and always one gesture away. #goodstuff

*Quick Settings / Menus – Swiping down from the top of the phone of the screen reveals a quick settings menu like on the Blackberry Playbook.

*One-Handed UI touches – All of BlackBerry 10 has been designed with one-handed use in mind. (Don’t use your phone while driving tho)

*Lock Screen – The lock screen not only shows your notifcations, but as you drag you finger to unlock the device, you can literally “reveal” the OS underneath. 😀

*Active Frames – Minimzed apps turn into widget-like Active Frames. These frames will show useful app info (like current temparture for weather app). 

*Keyboard – The BB10 keyboard has an aweseome predicitve text feature that actually shows predicted words over the next letter you would have to type, really speeding up one-handed typing.

Generally we have a bunch, check it out:

-QNX-based OS – stable, multi-tasking
-power house
-LTE speed!
-Improved app and gaming experiences
-Improved web browser
-Enhanced media and consumption experiences
-More apps, better apps
-Modern app install process – fast installs, no rebooting
-Easy over the air OS updates
-Front-facing camera
-Video chat
-Support for way better specs : dual core, quad core and beyond.
-Dual persona baked in for enterprise – BlackBerry Balance 

Well personally I’d be missing the blackberry button too and the almighty battery pull that answers all other problems but then…..

At launch we are expecting to see two BlackBerry devices. First will be an all-touch device (known now as the BlackBerry L-Series) followed by a full QWERTY model with a physical keyboard (known now as the N-Series). The keyboard model is expected to come a few weeks after the initial launch of the touchscreen version.

Additionally we’ll be seeing a whole lot of apps @ least 90% of top 600 IOS and Android Apps to be available at launch. 🙂

So if you’re thinking of getting the BB 10 1st here in naija then do not hesitate to join our team of 1st users on twitter with hash tag #BB10First so we’d share our experiences with everyone. Thank you.

There’ll be more

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BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

BB 10 predictive keyboard


blackberry 10

blackberry 10

2 thoughts on “BlackBerry 10 in 10days**

    • Hey Justin. Prices haven’t been announced yet. Hopefully they should be announced today @ launch. But earlier on, RIMs Boss Thorstin Heins said it would be ‘affordable’ , so we’ll see.

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