BBM 7 (awoof no go sour our belle)**

Hey Fam, we noticed a lot of people have been having very serious problems with the new BBM 7,so we just decided to do this post for you. There are some things you MUST know before getting the new BBM 7,and if you got it already please scroll down to the fourth paragraph.
So here’s what should know before getting the new BBM 7:
1) You must have a blackberry ID because the new BBM is associated with your ID. So your normal local back up and restore might just be useless after you get the new BBM 7.
2)The BBM 7 is only available right now for Blackberry devices running OS 6 and 7.
3) The new BBM 7 has 16 new emoticons.
4) Before you can call a contact,that contact must have BBM 7 installed and must also be connected to a wi-fi network.
5) The BBM free voice call over wi-fi won’t work without a BIS plan.

If after you download the BBM 7 you don’t see all your contacts or you can’t find your BBM icon then please just revert to the old BBM 6 and chill. RIM might need to do a couple of fixes. But the if you have any issue please don’t hesitate to ASK FATHOMBERRY.

If you have BBM 7 already you could also tell us your experience. Its quiet funny here in naija where wi-fi is somewhat rare like that. But we did a post on how you and you pals could enjoy this with the hotspot feature on some Blackberry devices.

That’s all for now.


BBM 7 Upgrade

25 thoughts on “BBM 7 (awoof no go sour our belle)**

  1. i use a bold 6 and am on BBM7. but i have an issue with my fone crashing everyday. i hv to flash my fone everyday as a result of this crashing. could this be as a result of the 2365 bbm contacts i hv? wat could b the cause of my fone crashing daily.

  2. Please advise how you revert to bbm6 as bbm7 calls my last number each time i get into my car via the bluetooth radio!!!

  3. Thank you very much for the insight.

    I downloaded the new BBM 7 yesterday and I have been unable to use my phone since then. I use a Torch 2 (apologies as I have never been one to call phones by thier series).

    Flowing all that was said above, I have 2 questions:

    a) What OS does the Torch 2 operate on?
    b) How do I downgrade to the BBM 6?

    I have just deleted the BBM7 out of irritation. Surely, RIM can and should be doing better with thier products and solutions. Just when you thought they couldn’t do any worse than the Bold 5!!! At this rate is the Z10 even worth considering? The Bold 5 had so much hype and turned out to be the worst tech decision of my entire life.

    Having typed this long mail, I wonder why I even still use a BB. Like seriously………..

    Please reply ASAP.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi ! Please help.I’m stuck at “restoring bbm” for hours. My bb is bold 9780.i think I need to go back to bbm 6. Please help me how to do this. I even tried to delete bbm and reinstall and take out the battery.thank you

  5. I upgraded to the new BBM version.its just not working.its keeps on saying associating with blackberry Id.pls I need to go back to the previous version.hw do I go abt dt pls???

  6. Pls can u help me, I tried to download bbm 7, bt kept trying to connect to bb Id. Pls hw do I restore d old version??

  7. Hello, since I upgraded to BB7, somtimes I can’t view my contacts profile pictures I don’t understand why this happens, any idea please.

  8. Thanks this info helps!.

    I have a BB 9700 with os 5 and I’ve been trying to upgrade to BBM7. When I logged into the website it confirmed that it says “this item (BBM7) is supported for your device”.

    Are they still working on it or would i have to upgrade my phone.?

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