BlackBerry Protect***

So whether you’re buying a new BlackBerry this hols or just to keep your stuff secured or just for doing sake,Blackberry protect is very very important. For most people BlackBerry Protect may just be an application on your BlackBerry smartphone that you’ve never bothered to enable,but I’m here to tell you that BB Protect is VERY neccesary. It has the potential to be quite useful and a BlackBerry smartphone feature that everyone should be making use of whether you see a need for it or not. Consider it a preventative measure should you ever need it, though I hope you never do.
Aside from it being an app, BlackBerry Protect offers a full online site to interact with your device should you ever lose it or otherwise not have access to it. And you make also use it to transfer you data from an old device to a new one without necessarily using a BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Here’s what you can do with/on the blackberry protect Application/Website:

-View Location
-Play Sound
-Display a Message
-Lock Device
-Wipe Device

* View location : You can actually map the location of your device.
BlackBerry Protect uses GPS to try to find your device’s location. If your device is inside a building, underground, or otherwise blocked from receiving a satellite signal, BlackBerry Protect might not be able to locate your device.
BlackBerry Protect cannot locate devices that are turned off or disconnected from the wireless network.

* Play a sound : You can also use the BlackBerry Protect service to make your device ring loudly for one minute and activate the Loud profile. If you have modified the Loud profile on your device, it might not ring when it receives a call. Remember to switch your sound profile back once you recover your device. This is quiet useful when your phone has just been stolen or if you can’t find it in a familiar place like your home or office.

* Display a Message: You can display a customized message for anyone who finds your device to see, even if your device is locked. The message could be up to 120 characters.

*Lock Device : When your device is locked and password protected, no one can unlock it unless they enter the correct password. Now you can use the Protect service to lock it remotely. (If you have not already set a strong password, you can do so now)

*Wipe Device : you can also wipe your device remotely to avoid compromising your data. Wiping your device will permanently delete all data from your device and your MEDIA CARD, including contacts, applications, and photos. This cannot be undone. Some data cannot be backed up using BlackBerry Protect (including applications, photos, and email messages). This data will be permanently deleted from your device.

Note: You will not be able to use BlackBerry Protect to find your device after wiping it.

Now you can also attempt a back-up before wiping the device,all you need to do is check the box in the BlackBerry Protect website.
You can manage up to 5 devices on your BlackBerry ID.
I have tested this and it worked,its very cool and its not a ‘cool story’ .
And if ever you think of blacklisting your phone,then you have to report to your Network Service Provider who’ll then forward your device pin and IMEI to RIM. You might not be able to Blacklist your device because Blackberry security is identified by BSN (Body Sensor Network), IMEI and PIN and they are unique,this info is stored on RIMS server for all rim produced phones (not cloned). So once your operator reports your phone stolen,RIM blacklists the PIN on their server, hindering it from connecting to the blackberry service but normal phone calls and text messaging remain accurate.

BlackBerry Protect is available for downloads in the BlackBerry AppWorld.


Blackberry protect

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