Play This Holiday****

The holidays are here again, and I know we all got plans. I  asked my siblings not to get me a gift, instead they should save up all that money for one of the blackberry 10 phones. My eldest brother is like, ‘that should cost a fortune’; who knows?
RIM recently said we should expect the Blackberry 10 phones to be reasonably ‘affordable’.

So, I got a call from Chiboy yesterday, not your regular phone call but a dang video call on my playbook, and it was quiet cool…more like skype; I began to wonder, practically pondered why people don’t like/use the Blackberry Playbook?! I’ve used mine for close to four months now, and its been wonderful; no regrets. I went online to check out tab competitors and I stumbled on this :

Yeah its a tablet smack down! So if you read it, you’ll see that the Blackberry Playbook is pretty good and even better than the ipad @ a lot of things; personally here’s a short list of my favourites:

*E-mail – whatever plan I have activated on my Blackberry smartphone, once connected to my playbook, I get emails from my 6 active mailboxes; I don’t need a full months subscription.

*Picture quality – I can’t explain this, it just blows my mind; it has a 5 MP cam at the back and 3 MP at the front people!!

*U.I (User Interface) – There are so many gestures available for the playbook which makes it interesting for me, and people keep starring at me while I swipe from top to bottom, and from side to side. Swiping down from the top, brings you setting. When on the home screen, options menu or when using an app, swiping from the left corner brings up the keyboard; while swiping from either the top left or right gives u a peek into the status bar.

I wouldn’t want to bore you with plenty playfully obsessive stories, why don’t you demand a blackberry playbook as 1 of your Christmas gifts this year 2012? I said ‘1 of’ because the playbook isn’t really expensive; for those of you HATERS, that say it doesn’t use a sim card, there’s a new one now that supports sim cards + 4G so ctfu 😡

Anyways, Happy holidays in advance





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