Research In Motion, not Church!****

Loose the usual enthusiasm, this is not some post about an OS update or anything related to upgrades, though the new BBM 7 is cool. Ok cool was an understatement, its like really really cool but I’m not here for BBM 7 today…I just want to pass a quick message.
Ok, I always carry my blackberry to church because I’m addicted! There I said it, period; besides, fathomberry has loads of followers who always have one issue or the other, plus I also have my bible in here.

I’ve always wanted to ask our muslim brothers in the house, do you guys actually take your blackberry(s) to the mosque and probably bring it out every now and then, to reply pings or read emails…while the imam is passing some serious message?!!! #justasking

So I was in church the other day and the girl beside me, coupled with the fact that she was almost naked, was busy seriously tweeting…IN CHURCH!!!

Haba now, this is church and should still be sacred. I silently wished the pastor would call her up, and ask her what the HELL she was doing. I felt sad and then I wondered, if we are like this, what will our kids do? The thought’s scary, we owe it to posterity to right these wrongs.
I’d hate for this to sound like a tirade, but c’mon guys we can stop this.

No use preaching any further, FB isn’t a virtual pulpit, but I hope we get the message that taking our phones to church is wrong.

Anyways we decided to post this today, because tomorrow is sunday. Be wise, think twice; leave your Blackberry @ home & if you have your bible on there, put off all wireless connections while in church. if your bible requires internet connection, please and pretty please, turn off all alerts so @ least it won’t distract the person next to you. Yes We Can do this, for posterity’s sake and yeah, tell your friends too.


14 thoughts on “Research In Motion, not Church!****

  1. Hey bro,my friend’s dp pics refused to change.It’s been like that for almost 6months now.Pls tell us how we can change the pics on his dp.He is using curve.7.Thanks for ur anticipated help.

    • Thank you Myke.
      Yes a lot of people on here have been complaining abot the same thing too. So what we advice is that you upgrade your device OS,if you don’t know how to do this kindly leave a comment in the ‘ASK FATHOMBERRY’ sectionof this blog and we’ll send you steps on how you can do it.
      Thank you.

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