My BB (My BlackBerry,My Baby)

I noticed that some even most of my readers/followers use a 9900 (bold 5) so I decided to make a post for them since I own one too. So I’m going to give you first hand tips on how you can use your 9900 without stress and enjoy it proper. Other Blackberry users can also relate to this post too.

Now,how your phone behaves depends a lot on how you treat it. If you always touch your phone with wet hands,if you use unapproved chargers and batteries,or do you have a thousand+ apps that are just there in your phone,are you the type that always let’s their phone drop? Then don’t blame your phone when it hangs/ freezes, don’t blame it when some buttons become stiff or clumsy,don’t blame the phone when it takes a longer time to restart. 😦
Now this is going to be random,but I’ll start from when you wake up in the morning. Leggo!

* If you’re the type that leaves your phone on standby throughout the night,then its advisable you clear your ‘event log’ and do a hard restart when you wake up. Hold down ‘alt’ key and then press ‘lglg’ to view log event in your homescreen ,press the blackberry button,then ‘clear log’.

* Always clean your blackberry phone thoroughly. To me its like a good bath. Get a clean dry soft cloth (like the 1 in the box when you got the phone) and toothpicks, that’s all you need. Clean the surfaces with the cloth and then the edges with the picks.

* NEVER keep your phone on a surface too high above ground level, just incase something pushes it off. The closer it is to the ground the lesser the magnitude of damage.

* Blackberry cases,pouches and holsters might make your phone look bulky but trust me its safe enough. It keeps your phone mint and safe.

* Screen-guards are not bad @ all. Though some might make your display look dim but others are quiet clear and keep your screen spotless.

* Keep your phone away from water and food particles. Just like the PC keyboard,your phone keyboard can get contaminated and start acting up. Be sure to clean your hands before touching your blackberry.

* Use recommended chargers and batteries for your phone. Unapproved batteries and chargers can actually reduce your phones performance. Have you ever used a strange charger and noticed that random apps start opening on their own or it takes a longer time before your battery is full? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

* When you’re not using an application like twitter or even your music player, CLOSE IT! Too many apps running @ the same time can make your phone freeze. Although there is a device analyser now in the OS 7.1 it is good that you close/exit apps that are not in use.

* Save a little battery life by putting your ‘backlight brightness’ and ‘backlight timeout’  to the minimum,then activate ‘automatically dim light’ so that your display adjusts to different lighting whether you’re in a dark place or outside in the sun.

* I have tried this and it worked. Transfer all your files to your device and take out the memory card (9900 only). You’ll notice a difference. We all hate the clock now don’t we?! 🙂

* If you’re the type that doesn’t use a holster, then never put your phone together in a place with other objects, like in your pocket or bag. Let it have its own pocket or space in your bag.

* Keep your phone always charged. Thanks to RIM you can leave your device plugged in even after its fully charged and your battery life won’t be affected contrary to what people think that your battery life might begin to reduce! Funny stuff!

* Pamper your BlackBerry! Yes pamper. Buy 2 or more cases for it. When its hot,take off the pack and let it have some fresh air,when its too cold put it somewhere to warm it up,if this device can stay connected 24/7 and serve you well,I think it deserves to be treated with some care. 🙂

* If you don’t leave your device on standby while sleeping @ night, then you should close all running apps properly before switching off. Properly means going to the application menu and exiting/closing it,not using the red button.

More tips coming your way……..FB


16 thoughts on “My BB (My BlackBerry,My Baby)

  1. Very enlightening deeds! Well said, RIM couldn’t have done a better job @tips & tricks.

    Mirabel anything bout fathomberry is always worth the hype.

    Big ups Deeds, your blog ROCKS

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