BlackBerry Users and abUsers!!!**

Its the norm nowadays, that a lot of people under-utilize or misuse their blackberry(s). I once took a peep into this girl’s phone and she had so many apps installed on it, loads of games and themes that she would probably never use. I then asked why she had them all, and she went all ‘I dunno’ smiley on me.
Anyways I just thought we could make this into some sort of interactive forum, sharing stuff we do with our BlackBerry(s), asides the norm; bbm, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.
Ok! Let’s Begin.

Here’s mine:

* Hotspot ( my favourite )
I use this a lot. I use it connect my laptop and playbook to the internet comfortably without any other extra device.

* As a flash disk
My 16GB external memory and 8GB internal memory is enough for me to copy files on the go.

* Docs To Go
With internet on my PlayBook and ‘Docs To Go’ my PC has been quiet a useless device,cause I hardly use it. I do even my spreadsheet work on my PlayBook.

* Maps
If you are new in a city say lagos,trust me when I say you’ll need BlackBerry Maps,it has everyday detail up to even your speed. Locate eateries, hospitals etc etc. You can even send your location to a friend. 😉

* Mobile Banking
Can’t really remember when last I entered a bank to stand in a long queue, well all thanks to mobile banking,I’m never stranded.

There’s more but I shouldn’t say it all. So tell us yours 🙂


8 thoughts on “BlackBerry Users and abUsers!!!**

  1. I use my Notes like there is no tomorrow..any tots at all..I just lay it down. Can’t remember a day I dint put up something. Oh..and there’s the word document..always a report to arrange. I’m just a lame bookie, and me bb is suffering for it!:(

  2. Mehn my storage MB keeps running low whenever am chatting on bbm, making my phone hang or freeze, and this ΐƨ really weird cos I’ve used a bb before now and I never experienced such thing… Secondly when on 3G network, phone keeps heating up, so what do I do….

    • Firstly Geff,you have to check if to see if you save your chat history,un-check it and restart your phone.(You can actually put it back on later)
      Secondly,you have to minimise the amount of apps you have installed on your phone,that might be why your phone ‘hangs’ or freezes. Check to see that too many apps are not running @ the same time.
      For your phone heating up,make sure you use recommended chargers,if the problem persists please get a new original blackberry charger.

      Let us know if these help.

  3. Bbm,facebook on a large scale,twitter&whatsapp nw and den,I guess dats it really,luved gamin on ma phone bt nt anymore.

  4. My notes and to-do come in handy almost evryday,my alarm too.
    And I love the way everythn is so intergrated in blackberry,like everythn is just connected eg peoples bdays on facebook just pop up on my screen and I cud just write on their wall,even when I neva knew it was their bday. IMO blackberry is more than just a socialisng device.

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