App World Upgrade**

BlackBerry App World has been upgraded to version and its available for downloads. Here’s what’s new:

» Integration with BlackBerry Commerce Payment Services for Credit Card and PayPal Purchases – BlackBerry Commerce is a payment service which manages all credit card and PayPal purchases and transactions made on BlackBerry App World 4.0

» NFC Tag Integration – NFC tag integration will allow users to swap applicatons lists. (Don’t know what NFC is ….ASK FATHOMBERRY)

» Ability to Permanently Delete Apps from My World – Users are now able to permanently delete apps from My World

»Ability to Re-Install All Apps From My World – Users will now have the ability to re-install all apps from My World

» Automatic Find in My World – Automatic Find will allow users to search and find apps more easily in ‘My World’

» SMS Authentication – Will allow carrier billing to function for certain carriers who switch from WAP to SMS

» Removal of Gifting/Begging and Ringtones – Ability to remove ringtones when user receives a gift/beg

You can download it directly from here:

If you have problems/questions or you just like something about the new App World,feel free to ASK FATHOMBERRY or leave a comment.



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