More on BlackBerry 10***

We’ve already talked about this device here earlier on but I just decided to gather more info and interesting news and updates on BlackBerry™ 10. So here’s more to what we should be expecting from BlackBerry™ 10.
There are three main actions as a result of gestures that are the talk of BB OS 10 called, Peak, Glance and Flow. What they do? Read on

¤ Flow: This describes the ability of the user to seamlessly traverse between application experiences on the device (as opposed to the more common open / close paradigm of iOS).

¤ Glance: This is the gesture that allows you to preview notifications easily within BlackBerry 10, by swiping up at an angle from the bottom right corner of the display. This pulls in the vertical notification bar from the right. Continuing the glance gesture to the left hooks you into the unified inbox. So from anywhere on the OS — no matter what app you are in — you are never more than a quick gesture away from jumping into messages. Playbook users understand this more.

¤ Peek: This is the in-app gesture that allows you to view multiple layers of an app at once. The classic demonstration provided of this is when viewing an attachment such as a .pdf within the email app. By peeking back, you can view the attachment, the email and the inbox all at once to quickly flow to wherever you want to go.”

Other things include improvement on the
BlackBerry AppWorld.
Along with apps and games, movies and music will be introduced into BlackBerry App World with BlackBerry 10. If you’re looking to kick back and watch a movie, you’ll be able to be rent or purchase them right from within BlackBerry App World. If you’re more into music, you’ll be able to purchase and download music from there as well.

Rather than having all these separate services powered by the likes of 7Digital and Rovi, they’ll be brought under the BlackBerry App World umbrella making it easier for users to not only find the content they’re are looking for but seamlessly purchase it using whatever method they wish and have it linked to their BlackBerry ID.

Multi-language predictive text:
You can actually use this to add up to 3 languages @ the same time for your text input,so you can write french,english and spanish without having to change your language.

And one of my best is the Predictive keyboard. This allows users to swipe specific keys to type frequently used words. For example, you will automatically be presented with words like “you” or “the” before you’ve even begun typing, and once you start tapping certain keys, those words then change.

Got some pictures on the hub and peek,and the keyboard too. Videos will come soon.
Stay tuned.

There’ll be more ………FB

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