Browser Tips***

When in your browser you really don’t need to always use your menu button,here are some shortcut keys you can use to move through your BlackBerry™ browser with ease.

‘Space’ to scroll down
‘Shift + space’ to scroll up
‘A’ to add page to bookmarks
‘B’ to go to bottom of page
‘D’ to view downloads
‘F’ to find word on page
‘G’ to go to startpage
‘H’ to go to Homepage
‘I’ to zoom in
‘K’ to view bookmarks
‘O’ to zoom out
‘P’ to view page properties
‘R’ to Refresh a page
‘S’ to go to browser settings/options
‘T’ to go to top of page
‘W’ to view tabs
‘Y’ to view history

After u press the ‘w’ to view tabs you can quickly press ‘F’ or ‘S’ or ‘T’ to go to the first tab and ‘L’ or ‘E’ or ‘B’ to go to the last tab,then ‘N’ to move to next tab or ‘P’ to move to previous tab.

*To use browser shortcuts, you might need to turn on shortcuts in the browser options. Depending on the typing input language that you are using, some shortcuts might not be available.

There’ll be more……..FB

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5 thoughts on “Browser Tips***

  1. I knew less than half of those.:'( Feels like I have been trying to strike 2stones together to get fire rather than a match stick :(!!!! SHORTCUT ROCKS!!!!!

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