Some Facts About BlackBerry*

Here are some basic facts about the BlackBerry™ for those that are interested.

1) A canada based company called Research In Motion has been developing the BlackBerry™ since 1996

2)’Berry thumb’ is an injury that occurs as a result of repetitive use of the BlackBerry™ keyboard.

3) BlackBerry phones use 2/3 less data than other smartphones while providing the same amount of information.

4) There are more than 25 different BlackBerry™ models introduced since the 1990’s

5) Features of the 1st BlackBerry™ :
*Monochrome text display
*HTML access via third party software
*Email and WAP services
*Java access via Java Virtual Machine add-on

6) The first commercially available BlackBerry™ was released as a two-way pager in 1999.

7) The device got its fruity name after someone noted that the keys on the original BlackBerry™ resembled groups of seeds. After looking at different seed based fruits, they settled for the name BlackBerry™ and at the time most of the devices were black.

8) BlackBerrys are known primarily for having more messaging features than most smart phones.

9) BlackBerry™ users check emails and IMs
83% on vacation
59% the second it arrives
53% in the bathroom
59% in bed
37% while driving
12% in church

10) The BlackBerrys ability to display email in real time,anywhere wireless service is available has been described as highly addictive, earning the device the nickname Crackberry. Lol

More to come…………FB

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