PlayBook Gets OS 2.1**

Good news for BlackBerry™ PlayBook user/fans. The new OS upgrade has been released for download. Features include:

Updated BlackBerry Bridge:
Now you can view, respond and compose new SMS messages on their BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet when connected to a BlackBerry smartphone over Bluetooth® (I Like). You’ll also enjoy increased performance and speed of other BlackBerry Bridge functions as well. So you can do more, more efficiently.

Email and PIM Enhancements:
Portrait support for email, calendar and contacts, giving you the option to use your tablet in either orientation to message. This will definitely come in handy for those of you who enjoy thumb typing in portrait mode like I do.

Improved Android Application Support: Includes Multi-Window Applications, Camera Support and In-App Payments. We all love a richer app experience, and with the improvements to the Android runtime, that’s just what you’ll get. Running the applications in separate windows allows you to multi-task between Android apps easier, and in-app payments will make it easier for you to enhance your app content.

There are also a ton new features on the enterprise side so you can separate your work from personal data.
The update was made available yesterday for the WiFi® versions of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and availability for the 4G LTE™ BlackBerry PlayBook is expected within the next month, upon carrier approval of software.
Make sure you download the new BlackBerry Bridge update if you’ve not already.

We would love you to share your experiences with us here on FathomBerry.


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