My Apple Has Defects**

The highly anticipated iPhone 5 has finally arrived,(but not in Nigeria yet). It uses a nano sim card just incase you’re thinking of buying it online. *rme*
I remember when the hype was for the BlackBerry™ Porsche,I mean even till now people still stare at the phone when they see it like ‘wow you can ping God with that’ but trust me,it’s just the same OS 7 please.
Anyways,I read an article somewhere on the new iPhone 5 and its been confirmed that most newly purchased iPhone 5s have ‘dents’.
The aluminium frame which gives the iPhone its beauty has faults on the iPhone 5.
The article read “Millions of people have been looking forward to the moment they open their newly purchased iPhone 5, but the excitement has been short-lived for some customers as they pull open the minimalist packaging only to discover small dents, scratches and discolouration on their brand new iPhone 5’s aluminium frame”
“Granted, a little cosmetic damage isn’t the end of the world, but when you’re parting with many hundreds of pounds for a brand new gadget, manufacturing faults are the last thing you want to see when you open the box” *like seriously*
“With over five million iPhone 5 units sold within the first two days, it’s no surprise that some units may have slight cosmetic damage, nobody’s arguing that. The real problem is exactly how long your sleek and shiny new iPhone 5 will remain in good condition before that delicate chamfered edge gets knocked or scuffed. It looks like buying a protective case will be the first port of call after your phone arrives”
Well il just say good luck to them. I also heard/read that there’s a mapping disaster too on the device…….
…….more to come …………FB

What are your thoughts?

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