Want more battery life?

I don’t make mid-night calls and I don’t expect any emergencies too,thanks to RIM my alarm can still wake me up even when the device is off,so I save some energy through the night by switching off my device.
Want to extend your battery life a little bit more? Here’s how!
1) Switch off your device just before you go to sleep,or better still set it on ‘Auto on/off’. (This can be found in found in the options menu,under ‘Device’)
2) Take your time and set your profile sounds and alerts. You don’t need your device vibrating and ringing all the time. Have specific settings to fit your profiles,you can create as many as 10 customised profiles.
3) Use specified/approved chargers for your device. Most chargers dramatically build up heat which shorten battery life.
4) Reduce your backlight to as low as possible, your device may even sometimes adjust to daylight and darkness as the case maybe.
5) When you are not using an app CLOSE IT! Especially apps that have to refresh at time intervals. Google maps and the music player when left running are big battery drainers.
6) Turn off connections you aren’t using. When you are done using a connection say the bluetooth,switch it off.
7) Safe guard your battery! Someone else with a similar device can quickly change your battery without your knowledge.
8) If you have to leave you device switched on through out the night,its advisable that you switch the network mode to 2G,since traffic is less at night and this uses less energy than the 3G or 4G.
9) DO NOT drain your battery life before you have to charge it,try as much as possible to avoid this.
10) Every few months,use a dry cloth to clean the metal contacts on the battery and the smartphone.
More to come ……FB

What are your thoughts?

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