BlackBerry Craze***

So I was out hanging with some friends,we were on the 3rd bottle of whatever we drank that evening,and then suddenly I realised I wasn’t hearing voices anymore,and then I looked up,and there all man was engrossed in their blackberries,like it was an order given to us “Bring out your blackberry and open an app”.
It lasted for almost 30 minutes and while I watched I noticed that not even one person cared about the next.

My friend peter* he never seizes to press his phone,either he’s chatting with who I don’t know or he’s playing 1 very boring game. Even after we’ve heard gist of 1 girl that was walking and pinging on the road and someone ran from behind her,snatched the phone and took off,due to shock she didn’t know whether to shout or chase after the guy,and that was how she lost her phone,but this my friend just gives a deaf ear,sincerely speaking I wish he’ll fall in 1 very big gutter 1 day,maybe he’ll learn his lesson *evils*

Anyways,simple advice,know when and how to use your device,don’t let your device use you.


4 thoughts on “BlackBerry Craze***

  1. lol@ peter falling into a gutter. heard some people update death things on there bb while on there death/ sick bed

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