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66 thoughts on “A.S.K

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  2. Hi Fathomberry,
    Pls could you help me with issue with this bbm7 issue. After I upgraded to bbm7, l noticed that after a series of pings, the bbm alerts automatically changes, incoming files disrupted with a message, “incoming file cancelled because your memory is either full or not available. The only way to restore this issue is to remove the battery and replace it. Because of this, I bought a 16GB memory card, no solution, I changed to a new bb, same story.
    Please what’s the meaning of this menace?


  3. Hmmm…am so confused,after ugradn my bbm to bbm7,I can’t acess my contacts.it’s sayn bbm fails to connect to bbm service dat I shld contact my servce providers..I’m so scared of lossn my contacts because I ddnt backup.

  4. Hi, I have blackberry protect set up on my phone and it’s been working fine. Not changed any settings and now it cant find my phone when i try to locate it, even though the correct box is checked in the settings menu, any ideas ?

    • Hey Chris, the only reason why it might be impossible for you to locate your phone is if you didn’t check the ‘locate device’ box in the options menu of the BB protect, but still we will like to know what error message you get when you try to locate it. thank you.

  5. Will my free apps on my playbook remain free for me on the My World section of the app world after performing security wipe and using same bbid?

    • Yes coyote,as far as its the same BBID. But suprisingly I also found out that after I did a back up on my PC,then a wipe and restore,all my apps were back like I never wiped.

  6. Pls,jus noticed a strange shit on ma B5…wenever i take a shot, ma 4n goes off…plsssssss,kindly tell moi what to do….fanks

  7. hullo fathom! need to add effects to my dp’s on my blackberry. i dont mean the regular picstory . how do i do dat??????

  8. Dear fathomberry… Hws it hangin? Tnkq so much for replyin my prev question… I have 2 questions for u: first is.. Hw cn i upgrade my OS by myself on my fone…(Blackberry. Bold 2 t-mobile version).. Secondly- my fone seems to b deletin my text msgs… It highlights dem in green like a msg i was replyin and left it half way… Bt wen i open it,its empty.. Both received and sent msgs.. Gone… Pls… SOS!!!! ☂hҩnks guys! 🙂

  9. Oga fathomberry, thanks for all the help you’ve rendered to me so far, pls eh can’t see the bb appworld logo on my phone anymore, what do I do and secondly, what should I do to clear the entire log on my phone cos the alt lglg thingy doesn’t clear them all at once. Thx! After all this my Oyibo u no reply well…Hmmmmn na there kwanta go dey oh.

    • Hello Deevah,open your menu,click on the blackberry key and make sure that ‘show all icons’ is ticked. If you still can’t find the app world icon,search for it in the ‘application manager’ in your options. If its there,delete it and download another one here http://www.blackberry.com/appworld.
      Secondly, the alt ‘lglg’ works all the time,but you should know that a lot of things are running in the phone so don’t ever expect the log to be empty. But clearing it once in a while is good,very good.
      Let us know how it goes. Thank you.

  10. The pictures I receive via whatsapp messenger are blurry. My whatsapp is up-to-date tho…what could I possibly do to start viewing clear pictures?

  11. Hi mr.FB.pls could u assist with providing the steps I could use to change my pixs to black and white using the accessibilty option on my bb torch2.Tanx

  12. Hi mr.fathomberry,pls could u assist me in providing the steps with which I could change my pictures into black and white using the accessibility application on my bb touch 2?Thank u

    • Do you have capture-it™ or screen-muncher™? If you do then find ‘accessibility’ in your options, change the ‘colour contrast’ to the one of your choice, save it, then go to the picture you want to change and capture it or munch it. Then you can return your phone to its normal settings while the picture retains the new colour. Thank you. Let us know if you have any other problems. #teamFathomBerry

  13. Hey FB,hw’s it hanging? Ur doin a great job here,keep it up…..I have a problem tho,I tried upgradin my appworld and afterwards I couldn’t find it on my device any more,I’v tried installing it over and over agin(I re-boot my device each tym)but to no avail….wat do I do?

    • Hey Alex. make sure your icons are not hidden. in your standby menu open the options and click ‘show all’. if you can’t still find it, go to your application manager,delete it and install again,then restart your device. let us know what happens.

    • Alot. just follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to stay updated. hope you are following our blog via email? do tell your friends about us too. have a great weekend. thank you…….FB

    • hello jessica. do you have a memory card in your 9900? if you do its adviceable you take it out.the 8GB internal memory should be enough.
      secondly,if you have applications on your phone that you don’t use,you can delete them.
      thirdly,check to see that too many apps are not running at the same time,because they might tend to slow your phone down. after you’ve done these,restart you phone.
      don’t forget to let us know if these tips help.

  14. Hi fathomberry, I heard there’s a word you will type on ur bbm chat, and d model of ur bb will appear, please may I know it

  15. Hey fanthonberry.. Compliments ov d season.. A friend told me abt dis blog so i decided to try it out…My problem is dis,d flash ov my 9700 (tmobile) is so poor.. It hardly picks objects or figures in d dark.. Wat can i do?

    • Yes Mr Brown you can. it all depends on what OS you are running now and what OS you want to upgrade to. simply open a blank text or note and type ‘myver’ to see your phone name and OS.
      you can send that to us and we will help you check if there is an availabe OS upgrade for your device, or you could also use your a BlackBerry desktop mananger to check for upgrades online.
      if you need more help please let us know. thank you.

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